Admissions Preparation

Fullstack's immersive curriculum starts closer to an intermediate level, so students need to have a good base of programming knowledge. Preparing for the technical portion of admissions is key to being successful in the process. Below you will find more details on admissions and resources to study to prepare.

Online Coding Assessment

The Coding Assessment is designed to help us understand your technical ability for problem solving. The assessment is meant to be taken in JavaScript, Python, or Ruby, but we'll also accept answers in pseudo-code or other languages. We value your problem-solving and analytical abilities over syntax-memorization skills.

Face-to-face Interview

If you do well on the assessment, we will invite you to a one-on-one technical interview via Skype. We want to get to know you as a person and as a student. This interview will include a conversation about your background, a pair programming session, and time to ask questions.

Preparation Materials

We've outlined some study materials below to make you successful during your Coding Assessment and Technical Interviews. Note: If you consider yourself close to a beginner at coding, then we recommend completing Codecademy's JavaScript track before reviewing this material.

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Practice Problems

The assessment contains 5+ coding problems of varying difficulty. They are somewhat similar to the challenges on Codewars. If you're having trouble with these easy problems, you might want to consider starting out with our Bootcamp Prep course. If you're able to finish most of these medium problems, you're in good shape to take our coding assessment. If you want more practice, try to get comfortable with problems up to the 6 kyu level.

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Coding Assessment Practice Tutorial

To prepare for your Coding Assessment, please watch the short video tutorial outlining how to run tests on your solutions, navigate the user interface, and general tips. Then take a practice run with the Coding Assessment Practice Tutorial.

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Live Classes

If you are coming from a more beginner background, you may find one of Fullstack's introduction classes good preparation for admissions. Check out JavaScript 101 for a short introduction to JavaScript. For a more thorough level of preparation for admissions, consider Bootcamp Prep

More Online Resources

There are many great online classes/guides to prepare with as well. We recommend completing Codecademy's Intro to JavaScript Track. The JavaScript courses on Team Treehouse are also a good place to start. Specific to our coding assessment, please review the areas outlined on to the right, from Marijn Haverbeke's awesome programming book, Eloquent Javascript. We have indicated a few sections that you can SKIP for the sake of our assessment.

1. Values, Types and Operators
Please complete every section in this chapter.
2. Program Structure
You can skip the sections on Dispatching on a Value with Switch and Prompt and Confirm.
3. Functions
You can skip the sections on Nested Scope, Growing Functions, Closure & Prompt and Confirm.
4. Data Structures: Objects and Arrays
You can skip the sections on The Lycanthrope's Log, Computing Correlation, Final Analysis & Objects as Maps.

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