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Ankara is a multiplayer game based on the board game Istanbul. You play a merchant moving around a grand bazaar, filling your wheelbarrow with goods, bartering, selling/buying, and acquiring abilities. The first person to collect five rubies wins!

Ankara's front end is built using React and React-redux, and captures the complex logic of Istanbul by using over 35 selectors in order to extract information from the game state. We present a dynamically updating chain of modals that present players with appropriate and valid options for their move.

The real-time aspect of the game is implemented using Firebase. Ankara was built using cyclical, one-way data flow, where front-end game logic is sent to the server to be processed and written to the database, and the database sends the updated game state back to the front-end.

Ankara emulates the experience of playing a real boardgame by incorporating UX features like drag-and-drop, animations, and audio feedback. Additional features like a real-time lobby system and live chat bring a community aspect to the game. Play the game at

Project Members: Maria Xia, Jaekwang Seo, Sokmean Nou, Daniel Park

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