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Online video advertising is an exploding industry. As it stands currently, advertisers pay $18B a year for consumers merely to click or views their ads. But what companies really want is for consumers to form meaningful connections with their products. Cheddar is an in-browser ad platform that pays consumers to associate specific emotions with specific ads. Say cheese to make cheddar!

50 years of psychological research has proven that making and holding a smile - regardless of how you initially feel - makes you happy. We leverage cutting-edge facial recognition technology to entice viewers to feel happy during an ad. Users are shown videos based on demographic targeting and auction prices set by the advertisers. The user is prompted to smile, and moment-by-moment emotion data is processed in real time on our front-end. The user earns points based on a computed average of their Smile Score. A photo of their grin is tweeted out with the product name. Advertisers are provided with an analytics dashboard that visualizes their ad's performance and allows them to segment viewer response.

Why Pay Per Click if you could Pay Per Smile?

Project Members: Sara Sunshine, David Kim, Colten Jackson, Ben Brodsky

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