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Dash JS

Dash JS is a data visualization web application that facilitates the creation of interactive dashboards of dynamic, responsive charts

Inspired by the desire to quickly and easily create compelling data visualizations, Dash JS empowers its users to derive meaning from their data. Even non-technical users will find our light-weight dashboard interface to be simple and intuitive, reducing the barrier to entry for data analysis

Designing a dashboard can be done in a few simple steps:

Upload — Populate a dataset via a CSV / JSON file upload, or connect directly to our API to stream a set of records

Create — Build a new dashboard with a variety of charts, and customize it by moving and resizing charts, establishing links between widgets, changing the styles, etc

Share — Once created, users can share their dashboards with the community by publishing them to the Dashboard Stream

Project Members: John Lenehan, Robert Muldoon, Jonatan Schumacher, Tom Sharon

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