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Drawsome is a social network where users communicate entirely through drawing. There are three main ways to communicate with your friends on Drawsome - you can make intricate masterpieces, you can comment on those masterpieces, or you can send your friends one-on-one messages.

Masterpieces allow users to choose colors, stroke size and opacity to make intricate drawings. We used Paper.js to implement some features like subtle, automatic path smoothing. Users can save a draft of a masterpiece or post their drawing.

Comments are drawings in response to a masterpiece. They can be seen by clicking on any image in the gallery or by going to a user's profile page.

Messages in Drawsome use web sockets to allow users to draw with each other in real time. The messages component is accessible on all parts of Drawsome.

Project Members: Mike Purgatori, Claire Niederberger, Waseem Karim, Danielle Katz