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Get That Cash / Get That Music

Touring musicians make a significant percentage of their money from merch sales at shows -- but how does this translate to a world of digital-only music ? If CD's are obsolete, how can the artist supplement their touring income if the chances of an iTunes sale plummets as soon as an audience member leaves the venue ?

The answer is salesmanship 101: create an opportunity that expires once the customer has left the building. Mieka Page created this app with the personal understanding that most local musicians' sales are made in cash immediately following the show -- you must get the fan the music while they are still high from the performance. The app is activated by the artist and is geographically restricted to their location; audience member downloads are authorized at the discretion of the artist. After the app is deactivated by the artist, the download page is no longer available; however, the generated download links persist for a limited number of downloads.

Project Members: Mieka Page

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