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Ghost Runner

If you're a runner, you know how fun it is to race your friends. The problem is: this is New York, and we all have wildly different schedules, so you can’t always run with your friends at the same time. However, if you could save your friends’ running data, including where they run and how long it takes them, you could race them later. That's what Ghost Runner does - it saves your friend's run data as a "ghost", so that you can race against each other at any time.

Ghost Runner is a mobile application built with the "MEAN" stack and the Ionic framework. Using the Google Maps API, we provide runners with live updates on their position, pace, and running path. After a run, they can then challenge their friends to beat their best times on their favorite runs. Challengers receive indications from our built-in running coach every time they pass a ghost, and every time a ghost passes them. Through a combination of validation algorithms, Ghost Runner makes sure that challengers are running the same path, keeping the competitive experience alive.

Ghost Runner uses D3 data visualization to turn your past runs into the motivation for your next one. Every ghost has a leaderboard, which gives you a snapshot of your standing among friends so you can keep competing for the best time. You can also see a sparkline of your average pace, so you can easily monitor your performance over time.

Project Members: Matthew Thiery Vivie Wen Tom Kelly Zack Elias

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