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GrabGab is a nautical-themed, interactive and educational word game that allows users to hone their word recognition abilities and sharpen their vocabulary.

Inspired by the popular and beloved word game Boggle, GrabGab challenges players to find as many words as they can within a 6x6 square grid of letters - before they run out of time! GrabGab supports real-time multiplayer interactions, allowing users to create custom game rooms or join existing ones to play against one, two or three other players simultaneously.

Users gain points by submitting valid words that are a minimum of 3 characters or longer by dragging or clicking on them. Letters that have been used in the submission of a valid word are then repopulated with new randomly-generated letters via a server-side algorithm. The longer the word submitted, the more points gained by the user, with values of rare letters like X, Q and Z receiving more points than more common ones. The highest scores and longest words played are displayed on the leaderboard as well as on each user’s profile page.

To add an element of fun and surprise, users also have the ability to shuffle all the letters on the board with just a shake of their smartphone. Lastly, when a user plays a six-letter word or longer, the screens of all other players will be blocked for 5 seconds with an animated crab-dance GIF, thereby increasing the pace and competitive nature of the game!

Project Members: Josh Maas-Howard, Darell Koh, Nicole Li, Nathan Wallace

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