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The purpose is to allow users the ability to display tagged locations (such as restaurants) of Instagram posts from a search result and see a summarized view via google map. The view can be further customized based on the user's expected itinerary needs.

Users can login through Instagram using their login credentials to access the user's published content. Geo-tag locations are accessed from the user's public content and displayed in Google map view with markers representing the location for each post. Users can filter locations published on Instagram posts based on hashtag, the desired travel mode (walking, driving, transit) and travel time. The results will be updated based on the starting point entered by the user. The Google map will then update to reflect the desired results.

*Note: Because Instagram has changed the access rights to its API, developers are no longer allowed access to its public content unless approved. Therefore, I utilized a new Instagram account with sample content I would have expected as a search result from Instagram for Japanese foods in NYC.

Project Members: Buena Chan