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Typing Javascript is hard. But not anymore. Meet QuickdrawJS: the world's first Wild West Adventure about typing Javascript quickly and accurately!

QuickDrawJS is written in C# using Unity's 3D engine. It runs on the desktop or in the browser.

The first mode, Shooting Gallery, transforms a code snippet or program of any length into a shooting gallery. QuickDrawJS overlays the code onto the game world and tests your speed and accuracy as you blast your way through an old western town.

The second mode, Duel, pits two players against one another in a white knuckle pistols-at-dawn showdown of typing mastery. Players play on the same computer, one types and the other fires with the mouse. The clock counts down. Each mistake by the typing player opens a tiny window of opportunity for the other player to fire. But if the firing player clicks at the wrong time, the typing player can fire instead.

Project Members: Zachary Caceres

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