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Regime Change

Regime Change was built to both demonstrate the team's technical prowess and to show various points from pop culture.

Inspired visually by the settings of Mad Max and Breaking Bad, and in admiration of the simple yet deep gameplay of games like and Starcraft, we hoped to create an experience that would use that distinct aesthetic and those game mechanics and to reflect the natural ebbs and flows of humanity, especially the rise and fall of empires.

To ensure a smooth multiplayer experience, our team of amazing developers built the server and client architecture from scratch. The unit movement, combat, building, collisions, path finding, and the game-logic were all custom-built as well.

Made with NodeJS, ExpressJS, HTML5 Canvas, CSS, and SocketIO to drive the multiplayer experience
Used RBush for R-Tree implementation and optimization

Project Members: Ani, Ben Manson, João Paulo Ramia, John Chen

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