Remote Immersive: Student Success Stories

By: Daniel Weiss

Fullstack Academy's Remote Immersive gives students from across the country (and world) access to the same advanced JavaScript curriculum previously only available on-campus in Chicago or New York. By teaching in-demand technologies and providing a platform for students to create impressive portfolio pieces, Remote Immersive graduates are poised to begin rewarding careers in software development. Here are a few recent success stories.

  Surabhi Nigam

After receiving both her bachelors and masters degrees in Computer Science, Surabhi had worked as a software engineer in the Bay Area for three years before taking time off to care for her young children.

Seeking to re-enter the tech workforce with an updated skill set, Surabhi successfully applied for Fullstack Academy’s first Remote Immersive cohort. Attending Fullstack’s Remote Immersive allowed her to sharpen her programming skills, learn in-demand technologies like React and Node.js, and build a portfolio of projects to showcase during an impending job search. (Check out her team’s capstone project, CodeHuddle, a remote collaboration tool.)

The hard work has paid off just a few weeks after graduation, and Surabhi is now once again a working Software Engineer at Curated Care.

 Mark Hario

As a former robot programmer, Mark’s transition to software doesn’t seem so out-of-the-ordinary. But considering he started his career as a welder, Mark’s drive and ability to achieve rapid learning success become all the more impressive!

Mark confesses in a personal blog post that working as a robot programmer was “pretty damn cool,” but for a variety of reasons, he realized that web development had significantly more long term potential - both professionally and globally.

After thirteen immersive weeks of synchronous lectures, live pair-programming, and building awesome projects, Mark found success when he was hired as a web developer at IHS Markit -- facilitating a move to the Denver area in the process!

 Rachel Bird

Prior to attending Fullstack’s first-ever Remote Immersive cohort, Rachel was already working as a Ruby on Rails developer. However, Fullstack’s robust curriculum teaches the exact skills and technologies she needed to modernize her professional war chest and advance her coding career.

As the recipient of the Women Who Code scholarship, Rachel was awarded a full-tuition scholarship to the Remote Immersive. Rachel is active in her local WWC community, both attending events and leading/planning workshops.

After a brief job search, Rachel leveraged her skills and experience to get a remote engineering job at Surge, LLC, but she continues to advocate for women in tech and beyond as CEO of Working Women Advocates, an app she launched as a hackathon project during the Remote Immersive’s project phase!

  Sean McBride

As a West Point graduate and former Army officer, Sean was the first recipient of Fullstack’s Operation Code scholarship, awarded in partnership with Operation Code.

Sean had been interested in tech and programming for a long time, but found himself working mostly in IT infrastructure and Sales Engineering. He was in a self described “career funk” and needed a more stimulating and dynamic professional life.

In his review of Fullstack Academy on Course Report, Sean said, “there is no excuse for someone with technical interests to stay in a job they dislike. However, when caught in the murky morass of a difficult job, it can be difficult to chart a path forward and pull yourself out.” Fullstack Academy’s Remote Immersive program offered Sean an organized, synchronous learning experience without needing to relocate to New York. After setting up his “man cave” with the necessary technology, he was ready to eat and breathe JavaScript for 13 weeks.

Sean’s ironclad programming skills along with a strong portfolio of tech talks and projects helped him find an amazing job soon after graduating. He’s now a software engineer at Decipher Technology Studios, located just down the street from the man cave in Alexandria, VA.

  Amrom Steinmetz

Amrom has a Bachelors in Talmudic studies, and although not directly related to programming, the analytical skills and attention to detail required helped him immensely when learning to code.

Using online self-learning tools like Harvard open courses, free code camp, and code wars challenges, Amrom was able to teach himself JavaScript and programming fundamentals and find work as a front-end developer at a respectable company. But he wanted to level-up his career, and this required the type of robust, immersive education not offered through online resources.

Fullstack Academy’s Remote Immersive program offered just that and exposed Amrom to other in-demand technologies like PostgreSQL and Node.js. Using these skills, he was able to build an impressive portfolio to shop during the job search process. (See CodeHuddle above.)

Less than 6 weeks after graduating from the Remote Immersive, Amrom secured a remote-engineering role at Ad Hoc.

  Beth Qiang

Beth studied psychology and cell biology at Rice University, but was unsure about her career path. After working for a while in data analytics, she began looking into coding as a professional option, and quickly became immersed in the culture and industry.

Free code camp offered her a network of peers and support, and she eventually began launching small applications on her own. This lead her to research various coding bootcamps to take her intermediate skills to the next level. She had originally wanted to attend Fullstack Academy in NYC, but the prospect of moving was unappealing. Thankfully, Fullstack’s Remote Immersive program had just begun accepting applications!

13 rigorous weeks of full-time academics, coupled with some serious part-time blogging, ensured Beth was familiar with all the most relevant web development technologies. Less than six weeks after graduating from Fullstack’s first Remote Immersive cohort, she’s accepted an offer as a software engineer with Keystroke. Additionally, she’s taken on the role of CTO for Working Women Advocates, a Fullstack project created by her classmate, Rachel Bird which they play to continue building out.

 Evan DiGiambattista

Music has always been a part of Evan’s life. After graduating high school, Evan attended Berklee College of Music in Boston to hone his craft and study with some of the most brilliant musical minds. And after multiple years in the professional music industry, Evan decided to embrace one of his other lifelong passions as a career: computers.

While working at an apple store as an operations specialist, Evan began self-teaching himself multiple programming languages, even launching some small apps much to the delight of his coworkers. Using these skills, he successfully passed Fullstack’s admissions process and has leveraged his immersive education to land a software engineering job at Curriculum Associates in Boston!

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