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In today’s world, smartphones and browsers make it possible to talk to anyone, regardless of distance. But text on a screen can feel very detached, and communication often goes much deeper than words. What if you could magically understand anyone in the world? What if you could experience a conversation beyond words?

With Spacechat, we created a virtual forum that allows users to interpret and experience speech with multiple senses. Users enter one of four mesmerizing digital worlds where they can speak with others in twelve languages using automatic realtime translation, and simultaneously watch the emotional content of their conversation rendered dazzlingly in virtual reality.

Each message is analyzed for sentiment and emotional alignment, as well as for predictions about the personality of the speaker. This enables the virtual worlds to rapidly change color, size, or movement in response to messages, creating a captivating and synesthetic communications experience. Consequently, each Spacechatter’s experience is as unique as they are.

With Spacechat, we’re excited to share our vision of smart chatrooms that connect and immerse people all over the world in multi-sensory understanding. Visit us at or find us on Github at

Project Members: Elsa Brown, Nicole Fish, Keziyah Lewis, Stefanie Sundby

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