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Strength: A Weightlifting Site

Interested in getting into weightlifting but don't know where to start? Unlock your inner strength with Strength live at !

Mitch Kosowski created this site using the React Redux framework. This framework provides flexibility so that days and exercises performed on those days can be dynamically added, changed, or removed based on input provided to the site. If an exercise is clicked on, YouTube videos are provided that allow users to to learn about proper form for the exercise. If the weight for an exercise is clicked on, a history of the weight is shown via Chart.js to allow the user to track their progress and make adjustments to their weightlifting program accordingly. A stopwatch is provided to users to time the rest between their sets.

Future work includes hooking in a database to allow users to save their workouts and adding the functionality for multiple users.

If you're feeling inspired and want to see what makes Strength tick, check out the code repo at Happy lifting!

Project Members: Mitch Kosowski

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