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Bootcamp Prep

Learn and practice the intermediate-level coding skills you’ll need to succeed in our Full-Time or Part-Time Software Engineering Immersive bootcamps.

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How Bootcamp Prep Works

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Bootcamp Prep courses are intended for coders with some experience to prepare for our Software Engineering Immersives.

We offer three different versions of Bootcamp Prep: weeklong, monthlong, and self-paced. All three options teach the same curriculum and include the same amount of instructional time–but they move at different paces and utilize multiple formats. Learn more about our class schedules and choose the right one for you below.

All Bootcamp Prep courses include instruction (pre-recorded or facilitated by a live online instructor), coding sessions and challenges, pair programming exercises and a culminating project–all of which are reflective of Fullstack Academy live online coding bootcamps in totality.

What You Will Learn

Coding Bootcamp Prep Curriculum

  • Functions (defining and invoking)

  • Data types

  • Control flow, truthy/falsy, and loops

  • Objects and arrays

  • Recursion


  • Immersive digital tools

  • Flexible instruction options

  • Virtual coding sessions

  • Hands-on projects and activities

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    Bootcamp Prep in a Week

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Success Starts With Preparation

Bootcamp Prep is designed to enable prospective students with coding experience to reach the next level of programming. It covers the specific coding and JavaScript concepts you’ll need to demonstrate to pass the Software Engineering Immersive assessment and enroll.

Not sure if your coding skills are at the intermediate level needed to succeed in Bootcamp Prep and the Software Engineering Immersive?

Find out by taking this practice test. A score of six or higher means you’re ready to sign up, while five or lower means you need a better handle on the basics to continue on the intermediate pathway.

    Take the Practice Test

    Completely new to code or score lower than six on the practice test? Learn more about our coding bootcamp pathway for beginners, the Web Development Immersive.


    Choose the Right Bootcamp Prep Experience for You

    Prep in a WeekPrep in a MonthPrep Online

    Live Online

    Week-long immersive

    Live Online

    4 nights a week for 3.5 weeks

    Online videos from Fullstack Academy co-founders
    ScheduleSat–Sun (10:00am to 5:00pm ET)
    Mon–Thu (6:40pm to 9:40pm ET)
    Sat–Sun (10:00am to 5:00pm ET)

    (6:40pm to 9:40pm ET)

    Learning Environment

    Accelerated instruction

    Group learning in a live online bootcamp setting

    Real-time help from Fullstack Academy Instructors or Teaching Mentors

    Instruction at a moderate pace

    Group learning in a live online bootcamp setting

    Real-time help from Fullstack Academy Instructors or Teaching Mentors

    Pre-recorded instruction at your pace

    Individualized learning in your own study environment

    Coding sessions and challenges



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