What is the Fullstack Fund?

The Fullstack Fund is a way for Fullstack Academy to invest in our graduates and their ideas to encourage them to build startups. It’s modeled heavily after the Y Combinator Fellowship program. Startups will receive $20k as an equity investment, office space for eight weeks and advice from Fullstack mentors. After the program we encourage startups to pursue additional funding or apply to top accelerators like YC or TechStars.

Throughout this FAQ, we will use the name "Fullstack Academy." Graduates from any of the Fullstack schools are eligible, including: Fullstack Academy, Grace Hopper Academy, Starter League or our YC partner school, the Recurse Center.

Why are you launching the Fullstack Fund?

Fullstack Academy graduates hundreds of amazingly talented, hard-working and passionate individuals every year. We watch our students build incredible projects together, form tight-knit bonds and then disperse as they move on to work at great tech companies. We’d love to present another option — starting their own companies.

We also believe that many teams only need a small push towards entrepreneurship. We’re hoping that the Fullstack Fund will provide students with that spark and that we’ll see many (more) great businesses built by our students.

It’s incredibly rare that 2-4 people are interested in the same thing, available at the same time and have a track record of working well together. We want to make it easier for that group to work on an idea.

We’ve also seen our students get into top accelerators, start successful companies and even hire other students from Fullstack. We’d love to see more of that virtuous cycle.

What benefits do companies receive through the Fullstack Fund?

Companies will receive $20K seed investment, office space for eight weeks at our NYC campus and mentorship from Fullstack employees. We’ll help them with product development, customer validation and preparing a pitch for the next step they want to take (angel, VC, bootstrap, crowdfunding, etc.)

Have Fullstack network graduates started companies before?

Yes, Fullstack graduates have started several companies and some we believe are destined to do very well.

Fullstack graduates have raised money, earned acceptance at top accelerators and bootstrapped profitable companies. We continue to be amazed at the achievements of our students and are excited to encourage it.

Does getting into a Fullstack network school guarantee my company funding?

No. The Fullstack Fund's selection process is entirely separate from the Fullstack admissions process. Although you can let us know that you're interested in applying for the Fund when you apply as a student, it doesn't guarantee that we'll fund you when you graduate.

Do I have to have graduated from a Fullstack school to participate?

Every team must have at least 2 Fullstack alumni to participate. For example, if two Fullstack graduates want to work with two other developers, they would be eligible to apply. However, we are looking for teams that have some track record of executing together beyond just winning a hackathon. If you are bringing outside people that we don’t know, please explain to us how you know them and how you’ve successfully worked together before.

Who can/should apply?

To be eligible, a team must have at least 2 members who have graduated from Fullstack Academy, Grace Hopper Academy, Starter League, or our YC partner school, the Recurse Center. Founders should be driven, resilient, resourceful and smart — qualities that we believe all our alumni have — and also demonstrate that they will stick together through the many challenges that a startup will encounter.

We are ideally looking for teams with at least 2 people up to a maximum of 4 people. Groups outside those bounds can apply, but will have to provide exceptional reasons. You cannot have taken money from other investors to participate in the program.

What kind of ideas are you looking for?

We’re looking primarily in consumer web and mobile software, areas that we understand and know that you’re technically proficient. We’re open to other ideas but would need to be convinced that the team can execute on both the technology and the market.

Where can I ask any questions?

Please email fund@fullstackacademy.com