The Road To Code
A free one day introduction to coding in New York City
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About the Road To Code

The Road To Code is a free one-day programming course specifically designed for non-technical people who are considering a career in web development. Our immersive curriculum will provide you with an inside look and hands on experience at building a functioning application.

The Road To Code is taught by experienced developers and skilled teachers who absolutely love what they do. We've taught this course at top business schools like Harvard, NYU and Wharton and are now happy to offer it at our Fullstack campus in New York City.

Whether you're considering becoming a developer because you want to change careers, implement your dream idea or just better communicate with the developers that you work with, the Road To Code is the right program for you.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."
- Lao Tse
Testimonials from Our Students

We've taught this course at some of the world's top MBA programs and are excited to make it available to the public.

The course does a great job of preparing you to have necessary conversations with developers, and even how to use basic tools yourself (I can’t believe I made my own website!). Nimit and David are incredibly patient and knowledgeable, and their passion for this space is visible and very motivating!

Anita Gupta

Harvard Business School

I really enjoyed the class because it quickly delivered the foundation upon which to learn more without feeling intimidated. Nimit and David held our hand through the rough parts and quickly showed us that it wasn't really that scary once you understood the basics, opening the doors to future learning for myself and my classmates. The pace was aggressive and the material substantial, but I felt like I always had a lifeline nearby if I started to sink.

Evan Hamlin

The Wharton School

I was pretty anxious about learning to code as I had virtually zero experience coming into the class. After spending 13 hours learning 4 different programming languages from scratch, I'm feeling pretty accomplished! I'm excited to continue learning to code on my own, communicate better with developers in my full-time role at LinkedIn, and hopefully one day soon build my own sites and apps. I'd highly recommend the class to anyone thinking about learning programming, no matter how little you know or how nervous you might be!

Esther Lee Cruz

The Wharton School

Having tried other courses unsuccessfully, coding was intimidating to me. The course allowed me the time to fail at, and then grasp each concept. I am now significantly more confident writing and discussing code!

Jeremy Cohen


The Road To Code Program

Our goal is to show you the real road to coding. We want you to know what it feels like to go from an initial idea to a working application. We'd like you to come to Road To Code with energy and a hunger for knowledge and leave knowing how to best direct those energies into productive and efficient learning.

There are no shortcuts on the path to mastery, but we can certainly give you the guidebook. The Road To Code is your traveler's guide to the world of coding.


We take you from understanding basic webpages, to learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The workshop will give you exposure to these tools and technologies to propel your learning forward.


We'll give you an introduction to using an API and intergrating different technologies into your applications. APIs open up a diverse field of resources for expanding your abilities and access to information.

Technology Decisions

How do you decide what to learn when the technology landscape is changing so quickly that even seasoned developers can't keep up? We'll show you how to think and how to strategically place the things that you're hearing about so that you can make better decisions about what to learn and why.

Self Learning

There are so many resources for "learning to code" out there that it can be daunting to know where and how to start. Learn what's useful, when to use it and where to go next.

Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.
- William Butler Yeats
Road to Code Instructors

David and Nimit are both lead instructors at Fullstack and engineers who have each spent over 15 years programming, both professionally and as a hobby. They have built large e-commerce sites, an online gaming company with 6 million+ players, enterprise healthcare software, on all different kinds of platforms. They've worked together at Yahoo, on startups, and went through Y Combinator together in Silicon Valley.

Nimit Maru
Lead Instructor

Nimit loves both writing code and teaching and so Fullstack is a true venture of love. Prior to Fullstack, he co-founded MBA Code School where he taught coding workshops at top MBA schools, co-founded Bloomspot, a local offers startup with millions of users that was acquired by JPMorgan/Chase and worked as an engineering lead at Yahoo!. Nimit discovered his love for teaching while volunteer-teaching middle school students as part of the West Philly Tutoring Project.

David Yang
Lead Instructor

David's been building and managing NYC engineering tech teams for many years at companies like RecycleBank, Gilt Groupe and BrightWire Media. David has previously worked as an engineer at Microsoft, IBM, Yahoo! and Deloitte Consulting but fell in love with the energy and spirit of teaching coding through MBA Code School.

Logistics for Road To Code


Our session will run from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM. We will provide some snacks throughout the day and break for lunch.


Road to Code will be hosted at Fullstack Academy's Campus in Lower Manhattan.

Details to follow after registration.
Dates Available
  • March 1st (women only)
  • March 2nd
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