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    Online Data Analytics Bootcamp

    Learn the visualization skills you need to become a Data Analyst and transform your career in 26 weeks.

    New: Learn the latest AI tools and techniques.

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    The Fullstack Academy Experience

    The Data Analytics Bootcamp at Fullstack Academy is designed to prepare you for a career in data analytics. You will build in-demand industry skills using the latest tools and technology—graduating with the knowledge and experience to qualify for entry-level data roles. You’ll also develop a portfolio of projects to show employers.

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    Fullstack Academy Data Analytics Bootcamp Overview

    Prepare for an In-Demand Tech Job

    According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs in data analytics is expected to grow 23% in the next 10 years.

    Earn a Competitive Salary

    Data analytics bootcamp graduates are prepared for entry-level roles with average salaries of $68,088 (ZipRecruiter; February 2024).

    Enroll at Any Starting Skill Level

    Start as a beginner or upskill in your career—graduating with sought-after data skills that can be applied across a range of industries.

    Learn from Industry-Experienced Instructors

    Our curriculum is developed and taught by industry professionals who are passionate about training the next generation of data analysts.

    Use Top Data Tools & Technologies

    You’ll use top tools and technology—like Python, SQL, Excel, and ChatGPT—and apply them in a capstone project.

    Gain Real-World Experience

    You will complete workshops based on industry-simulated challenges in data analytics.

    Data Analytics Roles and Salaries

    Regardless of what industry you end up working in, data analysts generally spend their time finding patterns by collecting data and putting their findings into reports that can help improve their company's decision-making process.

    Your daily work as an analyst may include things like:

    • Using business intelligence ("BI") and analytics tools (and sometimes setting them up)
    • Collecting raw data, finding patterns in it, then using the patterns to find insights for your business
    • Creating visualizations of the data
    • Creating reports using those visualizations
    • Training others in the data-collection system
    • Developing key performance indicators
    • Collaborating well with a team
    • Streamlining data collection

    Entry-level data analysts can expect to earn about $68,088 in the US, while those with specialized skill sets or more experience have the potential to earn more. Browse the table below to learn more about the range of income potential in data professions.

    RoleAverage Salary in the US
    Data Analyst$82,640 (ZipRecruiter, April 2024)
    Data Analytics Consultant$93,381 (ZipRecruiter, April 2024)
    Business Analyst$98,378 (Glassdoor, April 2024)
    Insights Analyst$124,213 (ZipRecruiter, April 2024)

    Tuition and Dates

    Fullstack Academy is committed to making tech education more accessible, which is why we offer several payment options to help you invest in your bootcamp education.

    NEW! With reduced tuition, the Data Analytics Bootcamp is more affordable than ever. Plus, for a limited time, you can save an additional $2,000 with the Summer of Tech Scholarship.

    Tuition: $14,495 $12,995

    Summer of Tech Scholarship: -$2,000

    Reduced Tuition with Scholarship: $10,995

    A refundable deposit of $99, applied to your total tuition, is due at the time of enrollment. The deposit is refundable up until the end of the first week of classes.

    Learn more about each of these ways to pay for your bootcamp education.

    • For a limited time, save $2,000 on tuition with the Summer of Tech Scholarship! Apply and enroll by 8/6/2024 to the upcoming Data Analytics Part-Time Bootcamp cohort starting on 8/13/2024 to receive the scholarship.

      Additional scholarship opportunities may be available for women, military vets, and other communities.

    • Pay for your bootcamp tuition in affordable, predictable monthly installments.

    Upcoming Dates

    Join the Next Data Analytics Bootcamp

      Data Analytics Bootcamp
      Aug. 13, 2024 - Feb. 13, 2025
      Tue / Thu
      7:30pm - 10:30pm ET
      Apply by Aug. 06, 2024


    Fullstack Academy's Data Analytics program is a challenging and rewarding educational experience.

    There’s no experience required—just a logical reasoning test—so don’t let inexperience or unfamiliarity with the industry stop you from applying.

    The data analytics program is designed for all skill levels and will be a great learning environment for anyone willing to work hard and think big.

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    What Are We Looking For?

    Passion for Tech

    Passion for tech and a desire to start a new, more fulfilling career.

    Creative Problem-Solver

    Natural curiosity and a solution-focused mindset.

    Growth Mindset

    Eagerness to work hard and learn new skills

    Data Analytics Bootcamp Daily Schedule

    You’ll experience a live online classroom environment alongside your classmates, instructors, and mentors through a mix of live instruction, practical exercises, and team projects.

    No two days are the same, but here’s an example of what a typical day looks like:

    Part-Time Schedule

    Sample Part-Time Schedule (times are represented in the Eastern Time zone)

    • 7:30pm-10:30pm ET

    The Part-Time Fullstack Academy Data Analytics Bootcamp is 26 weeks with classes held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.


    You’ll start with a self-led review of notes and other learning materials to prepare for class.

    You’ll receive live instruction from a Fullstack Academy instructor, followed by a real-time demonstration of each new tool, concept, or technology, plus a live Q&A.

    You will then apply what you’ve learned in exercises designed to simulate real-world data industry scenarios, and receive support from your instructional team. Then, the class concludes with a guided discussion.

    In addition to classroom lessons, part-time students can anticipate spending 6-8 hours studying and working on outside assignments each week.

    Class time options are subject to change. To see available class times for your cohort of choice, complete your application or schedule a call with a student advisor.

    Fullstack Academy Data Analytics Curriculum

    • Become a power Excel user by learning how to use advanced features.

      • Conditional formatting and important functions

      • Analyzing data with pivot tables

      • Statistics in Excel

      • Macros and Power Query

    • Design, learn, and apply the Structured Query Language (SQL) for database definition and manipulation.

      • SQL databases and tables

      • SQL operators, constraints, and data types

      • SQL JOINs, set operators, and subqueries

      • SQL window functions and views

    • Integrate data from multiple sources into one data set to prepare it for storage.

      • ETL fundamentals using AWS Glue

      • Data source identification, extraction, and transformation

      • ETL tools and technologies

    • Create and optimize highly interactive data visualizations using Tableau.

      • Tableau charts, dashboards, and stories

      • Data preparation, filtering, and analytics in Tableau

      • Advanced Tableau Desktop features

    • Learn to use Python to build and manage data structures.

      • Conditional statements, loops, and functions

      • Object-oriented programming (OOPs) and threading

    • Apply Python programming toward analyzing, wrangling, and visualizing data.

      • Linear algebra in Python

      • Statistics in Python

      • Data analysis, wrangling, and visualization using Python libraries—including NumPy and Panda

    • Gain in-demand generative AI skills using top tools like ChatGPT, Google Gemini, and more.

      • GenAI functionality, prompt engineering, and ethics

      • AI use cases for data analysis and storytelling

    • Explore how to use AI in data analytics to aid data discovery, exploration, and visualization.

      • ETL and data modeling automation with AI

      • AI transformation in data visualization

    • Understand the ethical implications of data practices—from privacy and consent to data biases.

      • Legal frameworks and data privacy

      • Informed consent principles

      • Ethical obligations of data professionals

    Data Analytics Capstone Project

    During the bootcamp, you’ll contribute to several workshops and projects—culminating with a final capstone project. You’ll build your capstone project using the 5 core data tools used in the program (Excel, SQL, AWS Glue, Tableau, and Python), and apply them toward finding practical data solutions for real business challenges.

    Following graduation, you can use this project to form the basis of your portfolio to demonstrate your skills to prospective employers.

    Data Analytics Tools Covered in Bootcamp

    Throughout bootcamp, you’ll use industry-standard digital tools to build practical, hands-on data analytics skills. Here are just some of the tools you’ll develop proficiency in:

    Sql data base with logo
    Tableau Logo
    Aws glue
    Chatgpt logo text

    Tableau Certification

    In addition to using top data tools and technologies throughout the Data Analytics Bootcamp, you will receive specialized instruction in Tableau to prepare for the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification.

    Tableau Desktop Specialist

    Tableau is a widely used tool for data visualization and business intelligence, and Tableau skills are essential for success as a data analyst. Demonstrate your proficiency by studying for the Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification—with preparation coursework built right into the bootcamp (exam itself not included).

    Tableau specialist certificate

    Prepare for a Career in Data Analytics

    The Fullstack Academy Career Success team works with you to prepare for your first job and each job afterward. Our team of professional career coaches helps you with:

    • Growing your professional network

    • Resume and LinkedIn profile optimization

    • Interview and assessment prep

    • Salary negotiation workshops

    • And much more!

    Even after you graduate, our team is available to help you stay motivated, prepare for interviews, and negotiate offers.

    Fullstack Academy Grads Get Hired

    1,500+ companies have hired our grads, and companies of all industries are hiring for remote and in-person data analyst positions across the US. Particularly within tech hubs like New York, data career opportunities remain prominent throughout the professional landscape.

    Data Analytics Bootcamp FAQs

    • Data analytics bootcamps are accelerated learning programs designed to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and practical experience to launch a career in data analytics. While specific topics and technologies may differ based on provider, tech bootcamp programs are typically built around the necessary skills of current and future professionals in the industry.

    • With a 23% projected 10-year growth rate for data analytics jobs in the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, now is an exciting time to launch a fulfilling career in data analytics. The Fullstack Academy Data Analytics Bootcamp will help you learn the in-demand skills you need to succeed in the field and qualify for an entry-level role in as few as 26 weeks.

    • Data analytics programs require a high degree of tenacity and commitment, so prospective students should be self-disciplined, eager, and dedicated to tech career training. Prospective data analysts should possess natural curiosity and a solution-oriented approach to learning—as these qualities align well with the day-to-day responsibilities of the job.

    • The admissions assessment for the data analytics bootcamp is a 30-minute, timed, logic-based exam that does not require prior study.

    • The Fullstack Academy Data Analytics Bootcamp is a comprehensive, immersive, and rigorous online data analytics course. We’re backed by over 10 years of experience in online tech training to deliver consistent, in-demand curricula and digital learning tools in a remote environment.

      Our active learning approach to tech bootcamp training combines live online instruction with practical skill-building workshops. You’ll learn by doing with the support of your peers, mentors, and instructor—then receive job search support from professional career coaches for up to a year following graduation.

      Learn more.

    • Yes! The Fullstack Academy Data Analytics Bootcamp is designed for students of all starting skill levels, including beginners.