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Passionate Teachers + Cutting-edge Curriculum. This is Fullstack.

Fullstack Academy's JavaScript-driven curriculum immerses you in the latest web technologies including Node.js, AngularJS and MongoDB. You bring the energy, curiosity and dedication — we'll provide a world-class school for becoming an expert software developer.

New to programming or looking for a more flexible schedule? Check out our range of part-time classes. From beginner courses like JavaScript Jumpstart and Introduction to Front-End Development, to the in-depth Flex Immersive, Fullstack's courses will teach you how to think like an engineer.

Next Immersive start date

February 29, 2016

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Graduate hiring rate

“As a graduate of Fullstack, employers will know that you have the ability to learn quickly.”

Stav Meidan - October 2014
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Cutting-edge curriculum

We teach computer science using fullstack JavaScript. JavaScript is here in a big way and it is growing bigger every day. This surge in popularity is driven by the demands of today's internet users for real-time, interactive and dynamic applications, built in JavaScript. These are exactly the type of projects you'll build at Fullstack.

Read more about why we choose JavaScript.

Program Structure

Fullstack Foundations

Foundations, the first part of your educational journey at Fullstack, is an intensive part-time course designed to help you master the core concepts of development and JavaScript.

Foundations is not just a list of links to online tutorials. In Foundations, you'll be working on a targeted core curriculum with live instructors and real coding projects. You'll be prepared to hit the ground running when you come to campus.

Fullstack Academy

While the required on-campus Fullstack course runs weekdays from 9:00am to 6:30pm — many students find themselves staying much longer to attend talks and to work on projects. You'll truly be in an immersive environment - like moving to Beijing to learn Chinese.

Much of your learning at the Academy will happen through hands-on workshops and building projects. Near the end of the curriculum, the CTO program will take you beyond software and molds you into a well-rounded and professional engineer.

Fullstack Flight

In the 2nd half of your semester, our placement team will begin matching your interests with employers — a process that will continue after graduation. With our dedicated training program on technical interviewing and becoming a star developer, we'll make sure you're ready!

To ensure your skills continue improving throughout the recruitment process, the Flight curriculum will provide you with the structure, projects and focus you need to keep learning and growing.

What will I learn?

Computer Science

Before mastering the higher-level technologies in software development for the web, it is vital to understand the underpinnings of lower-level theory. This is why your journey at Fullstack will start with a deep dive into the fundamentals of Computer Science.

  • Data structures
  • Algorithms
  • Big-O space & time analysis

Front-end Development

JavaScript is redefining what it means to be a modern web application. We'll study design patterns of "Single Page Web Applications" using AngularJS. You will know how JavaScript frameworks are used to build advanced web client applications like Gmail, Facebook and Google Maps.

  • Angular.js & JavaScript MVC
  • HTML & CSS
  • JavaScript frameworks

Back-end Development

JavaScript is an incredibly flexible and popular language, quickly becoming the "lingua franca" of the web. Node.js, a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime, allows JavaScript to run server-side. This makes JavaScript the only programming language that runs in the front-end and back-end.

  • Node.js
  • Services & APIs
  • System architecture


Study how we efficiently and scalably store data in our web apps. From SQL to newer trends like NoSQL, MongoDB and client-side storage, master how data can be made, validated, synced and stored. We'll also build our own lightweight database to learn how the internals work.

  • SQL
  • MongoDB
  • ORM Tools

Tools & best practices

Learn the tools of the developer trade, from version control systems to text editors and the command line. The curriculum also covers test driven development and design patterns, giving students the opportunity to write optimized, scalable code.

  • Git version control
  • Shell & systems
  • Test-driven development

Fullstack Graduates Get Hired

We've helped hundreds of students land their dream jobs.

What we are looking for

Passion for coding

You've demonstrated your passion by beginning to learn on your own. You have the determination to become a developer whether you get into Fullstack or not.

Top of your game

Whatever you've been working on so far, you've been among the best. You're helpful and facilitate the success of others around you.

"No asshole rule"

We like to live by a no-asshole policy. We look for students who are considerate, understanding, helpful and generally pleasant to be around.

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Student projects

Every 7 weeks our students present some amazing final projects


An immersive 3D life simulator game.

Dance Dance Evolution

A web-based rhythmic dance game.


Tower defense game for programmers.


Note sharing chrome extension for the web.

The Journey through Fullstack

What’s it like to be a student at Fullstack Academy? Watch this student-created, interactive story about her journey from applying to starting her new career.


Press Coverage


Customer Testimonails

The knowledge, connections, and opportunities I've gained from the Fullstack experience well exceeded my expectations. Fullstack was one of the best professional decisions I've ever made.

Edward Izzo

Senior Developer, New York Stock Exchange
Customer Testimonails

Fullstack Academy is the fastest and most effective way to learn to code today. I know that acquiring the same knowledge would have taken at least 5X longer without Fullstack, if not more.

Nathan Grotticelli

Customer Testimonails

You can't find better instructors when it comes to learning development because these two know their stuff. Not only are they great teachers with reputable Software Engineer resumes, but they are great guys that you end up becoming good friends with. I highly recommend Fullstack Academy to anyone considering a bootcamp…

Tara Lerias

Developer, Priceline
Customer Testimonails

Fullstack has been by far one of the best experiences I've had so far in my life. A place with a great community and wonderful teachers. I'm pretty sure I learned more in three months there than I did during my entire 4 years at college. I made great friends, and David and Nimit are great mentors. Definitely worth it…

Jessica Weinberg

Software Engineer, Timehop

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