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      4 Hispanic Leaders In Tech Working to Power a Better Future

      By The Fullstack Academy Team

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      Making up about 8% of tech workers, Hispanic populations remain significantly underrepresented in the technology field. As with all underrepresented tech professionals, this is primarily the result of a disproportionate lack of educational and career resources and opportunities.

      Many educational and tech organizations are trying to change this, but perhaps the greatest impact is being made by current Hispanic and Latinx tech professionals investing in their communities.

      Read on to learn more about 4 Hispanic leaders working to make the tech industry better.

      1. Tanya Menendez

      Co-Founder and CEO of Snowball Wealth

      Throughout her career, Tanya worked for high-profile organizations like The Brookings Institution and the Migration Policy Institute to inform policies before founding Maker’s Row, a domestic sourcing software platform connecting makers to over 200k companies. She then co-founded Snowball Wealth, a community-first platform that provides debt-planning and wealth-building services.

      A prominent speaker on subjects disproportionately affecting younger generations and Latinx populations, like student loan debt and the Latina wage gap, Tanya is the recipient of a range of awards and accolades, including Forbes’s 30 Under 30.

      2. Sergio Claudio

      Advisor and Head of Mentorship at ONE School

      Sergio Claudio is a designer and digital strategist by trade with a resume full of high-impact roles at innovative companies like NPR, Zimmerman Advertising, and Adobe. An established champion of Afro-Latinx representation in the workforce and beyond, Sergio mentors the next generation of Black web developers, UI/UX designers, and other creatives to support ONE School’s goal to make agency and brand creative departments more diverse.

      His award-winning work has helped global brands and aspiring creative professionals alike elevate their creative strategies, leverage technology to reach new audiences, and meet the market needs of the future.

      3. Grecia Castaldi

      Director of Community at Women Who Code

      Women Who Code is a global organization that aims to empower women to excel in technology careers. As its Director of Community, Grecia Castaldi fosters that mission in the form of women and nonbinary tech community support, outreach, education, empowerment, and representation.

      She’s also a renowned public speaker, having founded the WWCode CONNECT LATAM: a Spanish-only developer conference designed to empower diverse women across Latin America with inspiration and education to excel in technology careers. Additionally, Grecia advocates for Latina tech professionals at events across the U.S. and Mexico.

      4. Aubrey Blanche-Sarellano

      Founder and CEO of The Mathpath

      Following a long history of creating and implementing DEI & Belonging strategies for SaaS companies, Aubrey Blanche-Sarellano now serves as an independent consultant, strategist, and advisor across all aspects of equitable enterprise operations. Her work at The Mathpath spans DEI strategy development and operations, equitable product and algorithm design, sustainability, social impact, and cultural transformation—helping tech businesses build and sustain equitable practices as well as products.

      As Hispanic and Latinx leaders work to make the tech industry a more equitable place for underrepresented Hispanic professionals, tech training institutions should be prepared to do the same for their students. In this spirit, our mission at Fullstack Academy is to be a transformative force for good by helping students from all backgrounds and skill levels see themselves in tech—impacting lives, economies, and communities.

      Learn more about our commitment to enhancing accessibility and inclusivity in tech, or view our upcoming bootcamp cohorts in AI, coding, cybersecurity, cloud computing, data analytics, and product management to get started!

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