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Frequently Asked Questions

How Fullstack Academy Works

  • If you want to build a thriving career in tech, Fullstack Academy offers you the best launchpad. A trusted trailblazer in the tech career training industry, Fullstack Academy was founded in 2012 on a mission to transform lives and power the future through tech. With a carefully crafted curriculum, industry-experienced instructors, a hands-on, active learning structure, and comprehensive career support, Fullstack Academy tech bootcamps give driven students the tools they need to thrive in tech professions.

  • Prospective students with and without a bachelor’s degree are encouraged to apply to Fullstack Academy. Admission is not guaranteed in either case, but our minimum education requirement is a high school diploma. Our grads represent a full range of academic and professional backgrounds, and many successful graduates who were hired in the field did so without a bachelor’s degree.

    While many tech employers still do require a bachelor’s degree, completion of a bootcamp can be a suitable (or even preferred!) alternative. As demand for qualified tech professionals increases, employers are consistently recruiting bootcamp graduates to meet the need—often bolstering their teams and improving the organization at large at the same time.

    Learn more about our application process and admission standards.

  • In short, we’re looking for adult professionals committed to rapidly building tech skills in an immersive, fast-paced bootcamp environment. We serve students of nearly all ages, professional backgrounds, education levels, and with varied career goals.

    Fullstack Academy’s mission is to transform lives and communities by teaching technologies that power the future. To do that, we aim to offer a range of programs to help all prospective students see themselves in tech. We believe that increased access to challenging, comprehensive, and in-demand tech training enhances diversity and achieves better results in tech.

    That’s why there’s a Fullstack Academy bootcamp for almost everyone. Learn more about our student journey.

  • We recommend applying at least two weeks prior to your desired cohort start date: the earlier, the better. This will allow you time to take the no-risk admissions assessment, receive your admissions decision, and complete your enrollment materials.

  • The admissions process varies slightly between programs, but begins with our no-cost, no-risk, online application. Get started on your application here, or browse the admissions process in totality across our programs.

  • No, Fullstack Academy does not guarantee employment following the completion of any of our tech bootcamps. However, Career Success services are a critical component of our tech bootcamps and combine with our hands-on, in-demand curriculum to prepare students for the job market.

    Rather than utilize a broad-match job placement service, our Career Coaches support professional development throughout your career with tech networking best practices, resume and LinkedIn optimization, interview prep, and much more.

    We find that these services enable our students to thrive in tech—from their first job after bootcamp and beyond—to create the ideal career path for them.

    View our transparent outcomes report

  • You will need to provide your own computer - either laptop or desktop - that meets our minimum tech requirements for your chosen program. Your computer must also have a webcam and microphone in order to participate in class, as all our courses are live online.

  • A range of scholarships and payment options may be available for qualifying students. Keep in mind that Fullstack Academy does not endorse, recommend, or promote any particular lender. Learn more.

  • We're happy to answer any other questions you might have about Fullstack Academy. Email us at and we’ll get back to you with the details you need.

  • Fullstack Academy is not currently able to accept tuition assistance payments from the GI Bill® (though we’re working hard on changing this!). However, veterans can qualify for our $1,000 scholarship, and additional tuition assistance may be acquired through VET TEC for select Fullstack Academy programs.

    Contact your local VA office for details, then visit our friends at Operation Code to learn more about veteran tech training efforts and how you can support the cause.

  • Our organization is based in one of the greatest cities on Earth — New York City! However, all bootcamps offered by Fullstack Academy and the Grace Hopper Program are held in a live online format.

    As part of our commitment to delivering a high-quality student experience as well as considerations resulting from Covid-19, we aim to meet the moment with a bootcamp format that’s more practical, versatile, and accessible to students nationwide.

    Learn more about our live online student experience.

  • You do need to provide your own computer for the bootcamp. It can be a laptop or desktop as long as it meets the minimum tech specifications of your chosen program. Because the bootcamp is live-online, you are required to have a webcam and microphone in order to participate in class.

    For specific tech requirements for your chosen program, visit our Online Experience page.

  • Your time with our career success team will include everything from workshops to one-on-one office hours to phone chats before big interviews. Alumni will also have access to a job board and have the opportunity to be connected with companies and organizations in our employer partner network who are actively seeking qualified candidates.

Software Engineering Immersive

  • No matter where you are in your coding journey, you can hone the skills, knowledge, and practical experience of a professional web developer with Fullstack Academy. As a trusted trailblazer in tech education, we’ve helped over 10,000+ students graduate job-ready with the skills, drive, and portfolio to build lasting, thriving careers in tech.

  • The future of web development has moved toward sophisticated, responsive, and dynamic single-page applications running in the browser. Apps like Gmail, Asana, Trello, Facebook, and Google Maps have redefined what users expect from web applications and what developers need to deliver.

    After observing these trends, plus conducting lots of research and conversations with industry experts, we’ve come to the conclusion that full stack JavaScript is the future of web development. Consequently, it is what we primarily immerse our students in at Fullstack Academy.

    What about Ruby on Rails, Python, or other engineering languages? Why are other schools teaching these-or a combination of these- instead?

    Ruby on Rails has been instrumental in consolidating many best practices in back-end web development–making it easier for developers to build large sites in an organized way. Meanwhile, Python has completely revolutionized the way sites record and use data—and we do teach Python foundational skills in our Data Analytics bootcamps.

    Primarily, though, research and use cases show that today’s web runs on highly interactive and responsive experiences that don’t require a page refresh at every step. As a result, single-page applications (SPAs) written in JavaScript using frameworks like React or Vue.js make JavaScript one of the best programming languages to learn.

    JavaScript also offers professional advantages over other languages. Fullstack Academy graduates are well-rounded coders with both a thorough understanding of the full stack and programming concepts in general. We’ve learned through years of tech education that students may more easily understand and master other coding languages once they’ve learned full stack JavaScript. This gives our graduates a more in-demand skill set that separates them from the competition and widens the range of coding job types they’re qualified for.

  • All our coding bootcamps are thorough, comprehensive, immersive, and rigorous. We’re backed by multi-year experience in online tech training to deliver consistent, in-demand coding curricula and digital learning tools in a remote environment.

    Specifically, the Full-Time Software Engineering Bootcamp is designed to support you in leveling up your coding skills, building a robust portfolio, and launching a career in tech. Learn more about online learning with Fullstack Academy.

  • There are a great number of online resources available and we encourage you to try them. Particularly for beginners, tools like Codecademy, Code School, and Team Treehouse can help you learn and practice in-demand coding concepts.

    At Fullstack Academy, learning and practicing coding concepts are only part of the equation. Our Software Engineering Immersive centers on ensuring students have everything they need to build a thriving career–all within an accelerated, guided, supportive, and career-focused environment for learning.

    Additionally, the Software Engineering Immersive centers on active learning and competency-based evaluation metrics, so prospective students can effectively build practical coding skills with real-world application to become well-rounded software engineers.

    Learn more about the Fullstack Academy difference.

  • If you apply to the Software Engineering Immersive and you don't get in, you are welcome to reapply in six months and work on improving your skills in the meantime.

Cybersecurity Bootcamp

  • Like our curriculum, our application process is streamlined—to get started, complete your application. From there, you’ll take a 30-minute, open-book logic-based assessment (find tips here). Within a few business days, you’ll receive an admissions decision.

    Keep in mind that at any point in the process, you can schedule a time to speak with a Student Advisor (SA). SAs are dedicated to making sure you feel confident entering your cybersecurity training by answering any questions along the way.

  • Yes, graduates earn a certificate of completion issued by Fullstack Academy.

  • Through bootcamp training and additional study, students will be prepared for several industry-recognized certifications and courses from Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA). While these certifications are not a requirement of bootcamp, they are highly recommended for career success.

  • Fullstack Academy Cyber Bootcamp equips students with the skills and training they need to land a job in one of the world’s fastest-growing fields.

    Fullstack Academy Cyber Bootcamp leads you through a seven-part curriculum covering these areas:

    1. Cybersecurity Fundamentals (confidentiality, integrity, and availability Triad, virtualization, and how to identify threats, vulnerabilities, and risks)

    2. Asset and Inventory Management (Computing and networking basics, Linux command line, and bash scripting)

    3. Network Systems (Networking, Wireshark, encoding and encryption, Open Systems Interconnection/OSI model, and firewalls)

    4. Programming with Python (Variables, loops and conditionals, string and list methods, dictionaries, regular expressions, and log parsing)

    5. System Administration (Windows administration and management, active directory, and group policy)

    6. Red Team - Offense (Web vulnerabilities, penetration testing, OWASP Top 10, social engineering, Burp Suite, Cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and Metasploit)

    7. Blue Team - Defense (AWS Security Essentials, Logs/log analysis, Splunk, security information and event management, digital forensics, NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and incident response).

    Students also participate in career simulations throughout the program and interactive labs and complete a capstone project.

    You can further explore our curriculum to see a high-level overview, or request a syllabus for more information.

  • Cybersecurity career paths vary depending on your skills and experience. During bootcamp, you’ll gain cybersecurity skills that will assist you throughout your career journey, from beginner and beyond. You’ll train for roles such as IT Help Desk Specialist, Information Technology Analyst, and Cybersecurity Analyst, and more. The Fullstack Academy Career Success Team is also available to assist you with your job search. Employers who have hired Fullstack Academy Cyber grads include the Center for Internet Security, the IRS, and Accenture.

    Check out this blog post to learn more about cybersecurity analyst roles and salaries.

  • Part-time students often continue working full-time while completing the bootcamp. Keep in mind, however, that there are 9 hours in class with an additional 6-8 hours of homework each week.

    Full-time students do not continue working due to the immersive nature of the Fullstack Academy Cyber Bootcamp. By focusing solely on their training, they’re set up to thrive in the expedited 12-week training. Full-time students can expect to spend an additional 8-10 hours outside of the classroom on homework and assignments. See a full-time daily schedule, and learn about one full-time student’s daily experience.

  • We’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our online Fullstack Academy Cyber Bootcamp students about their experience learning technical skills in an online format with Fullstack Academy. Our proven method features live instruction and a project-based curriculum which are both well-suited to remote learning. Visit our Online Experience page to learn more.

  • Visit our tuition and dates page to see full tuition amounts. A range of scholarships and payment options may also be available for qualifying students. Keep in mind that Fullstack Academy does not endorse, recommend, or promote any particular lender.

Data Analytics Bootcamp

  • With more than 600,000 job postings in the U.S. and a 21.5% projected 10-year growth rate, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, now is an exciting time to launch a fulfilling career in Data Analytics. The Fullstack Academy Data Analytics Bootcamp will help you learn the in-demand skills you need to succeed in the field and qualify for an entry-level role in as few as 10 weeks.

  • The admissions assessment for Data Analytics is a 30-minute, timed, logic-based exam that requires no preparation. However, if you’d like a refresher on logic-based questions, we’ve created this guide with tips for acing the assessment.

  • Our data bootcamps are thorough, comprehensive, immersive, and rigorous. We’re backed by multi-year experience in online tech training to deliver consistent, in-demand curricula and digital learning tools in a remote environment. Read more.

  • As part of the bootcamp program, we'll train you to earn two of the most in-demand certifications in the field of data analytics:

    • AWS Certified Data Analytics - Specialty
    • Tableau Desktop Specialist

    Taking each certification exam is optional but highly recommended for career success. We recommend earning the certifications either during bootcamp or soon after. Certification is not required to graduate, and exam vouchers are not included in bootcamp tuition.

  • As part of this program, you will create an account on Amazon Web Services and then work within the platform. You should plan to spend up to $300 on your AWS account through your bootcamp experience.

Product Management Bootcamp

  • With more than 110,000 job postings in the U.S. and a 22% projected growth rate through 2031, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, now is an exciting time to launch a fulfilling career in product management. Fullstack Academy’s 12-week product management program will help you learn the in-demand skills you need to succeed in the field.

  • Yes, the Fullstack Academy Product Management Bootcamp is designed to support learners of all levels, including beginners.

    Not sure how your skills stack up? Contact a student advisor to discuss your options.

  • The Fullstack Academy Product Management Bootcamp curriculum focuses on the following foundational concepts:

    • The Product Development Lifecycle
    • Building Business Models
    • Business Fundamentals
    • Hypothesis Validation
    • Design Thinking
    • Product Planning, e.g., building product roadmaps, understanding MVPs
    • Product Analytics
    • Building a Product Strategy
    • Working with and Hiring Teams
    • Landing a Job as a Product Manager

    For a bootcamp syllabus, click here and fill out the form.

  • The admissions assessment for our product management is a 30-minute, timed, logic-based exam that requires no preparation.

AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp

  • Yes, the Fullstack Academy AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp is designed to support learners of all levels, including beginners.

    However, for optimal success in the bootcamp and beyond, we recommend students possess one or more of the following:

    • Experience coding in any language, ideally Python

    • Formal education/professional use of post-secondary math including Linear Algebra, Calculus, and Statistics

    • 3-5 years of employment in a highly computational field

    Not sure how your skills stack up? Contact a student advisor to talk through all your options.

  • Please note that the bootcamp is a highly computational, programming-based tech training program that teaches artificial intelligence and the machine learning tools, technologies, and processes that support its development. Students will learn how to create and deploy this technology toward a range of applications.

Cloud Computing Bootcamp

  • Fullstack Academy’s 26-week cloud computing program will help you learn the in-demand skills you need to succeed in one of the fastest-growing fields. With an immersive curriculum designed to provide hands-on learning, over 40 interactive labs and activities, career coaching, live online instruction from industry-experienced professionals, certification preparation, and more, our bootcamp is one of the most comprehensive online cloud computing training programs available in the US.

  • The cloud computing curriculum is broken up into five units and guides you all the way from foundational concepts to advanced skills.

    The units are:

    • AWS Academy Cloud Foundations

    • AWS Academy Cloud Architecting

    • Azure Cloud Fundamentals

    • Implement, Manage, and Monitor on Azure Environment

    • Designing Infrastructure Solutions on Azure

    Plus, you’ll build and expand your professional portfolio. With additional studying, you’ll also be able to prepare for industry certifications from AWS and Microsoft Azure. The costs of the exams are not included in our program tuition price.

    For a syllabus on your program of interest, click here and fill out the form.

  • Students enrolled in our cloud computing program will use popular platforms like AWS and Microsoft Azure and learn about:

    • Non-coding roles

    • System management

    • Virtualization

    • Troubleshooting

    • Cloud provider selection

    • Application migration

    • Performance testing

    • Cloud workloads

    • Identity access management

    • Autoscaling

    • Disaster recovery

    • Web services and API

    • Cloud migration and deployment

    • Database management

    • Multi-cloud deployment

    • Storage services

  • The admissions assessment for our cloud computing is a 30-minute, timed, logic-based exam that requires no preparation.

  • In the Cloud Computing Bootcamp, we focus on one-on-one interaction with instructors, building teamwork and soft skills, and providing a high-quality online learning environment. Read more.