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    Fullstack Academy Reviews

    At Fullstack Academy, we’re obsessed with seeing our graduates succeed in the tech industry. With passionate instructors, a rigorous curriculum that evolves to keep up with the industry, and a caring career success team to assist with everything from interview prep to salary negotiations, we help students from all backgrounds and skill levels see themselves in tech.

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    Our students gain the skills and confidence they need to thrive in the tech industry.

    Madison Jennings

    “I chose Fullstack for two main reasons: because admissions were competitive, and because of the curriculum. Valuing competitive admissions was a great call: all of the students, fellows, and instructors in my cohort were unfailingly curious, driven, and intelligent. I evaluated the curriculum with the help of some tech friends who recognized that FSA’s curriculum taught skills like React and Redux that were highly in-demand.”

    MADISON JENNINGS, Software Engineer, Edge Case Research

    “Every instructor I interacted with is amazing. Everyone is brilliant, helpful, and engaging. All in all, I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning more about Software Engineering. It is beyond just another ‘learn how to code’ bootcamp. It is a life-changing, challenging, and gratifying experience.”

    GRANT WEISS, Software Engineer, Cooler Screens

    Grant Weiss
    Sam Bakkila with pattern

    “The career success team is prepared not just to help you find any high paying job, but a job that matches your interests that you will find professionally fulfilling and that will lead to long term career growth. I think that this is unique among bootcamps. Lots of bootcamps have some form of demo day or hiring day or TAs that give job application advice, but none that I've seen have the professional level of career support that I've seen at Fullstack Academy.”

    SAM BAKKILA, Curriculum Product Manager, Codecademy

    "Fullstack purposefully crafts a supportive, collaborative environment by explicitly teaching in the first week such topics as why pair programming is important and how to do it well, how to combat implicit biases, and how to give clear, helpful feedback."

    MATTI MARZILAI, Software Development Engineer II at Expedia Group

    Matti Barzilai 2

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