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    7 Boundary-Pushing Projects from July Grads

    Fsa demo day post 7 19

    This is part of a series in which we share with you the coding projects our students have been working on. Projects are one of the most valuable parts of bootcamp; working on them allows you to graduate with a technical portfolio of actual work that demonstrates your knowledge to employers.

    Each semester on Demo Day, all of our cohorts—NYC’s Fullstack and Grace Hopper programs, Fullstack Chicago, and our Remote track—present their capstone projects and show off what they’ve built. In the three weeks leading up to Demo Day, students work together in teams to find common interests and goals and then deploy the skills they’ve learned so far to solve a problem.

    On our most recent Demo Day, students presented 22 projects, and we wanted to share a few of them with you. We’ve picked a handful to feature, and the full playlist of all the presentations can be found here.


    Create and share graffiti in augmented reality

    Always felt like you could give Banksy a run for his money — but not quite interested in breaking the law? With Tag, you can have the best of both worlds. The app allows you to create and discover graffiti art in augmented reality and, because tags on the platform can only be viewed within a specific radius, it pushes you to get out and explore your surroundings more.


    • React Native
    • AR functionalities are driven by ViroAR, which uses both ARKit and ARCore, making the app multiplatform
    • Google Maps API
    • PostgreSQL
    • Cloudinary API to store images

    Team Members: Madeline Emde, Talia Fayaz, Wei Ji, Lydie Toussaint

    Campus: Grace Hopper

    Themed “Grace Hopper in space” multiplayer clone of

    If games are your preferred way of blowing off steam, we’ve got a new one for you. is a “Rear Admiral Grace Hopper in space” themed multiplayer clone of the popular online game, Players navigate their space ships across a tiled plane to gain territory to add to their own “harbors,” with the goal of the game being to accumulate as much territory as you can while protecting yourself from competitors.

    Specs: is built on Node.js using the following Tech Stack:

      • Phaser, a Javascript game framework, for implementing game mechanics
      • Socket.IO for client-server interaction
      • React for HTML rendering
      • Redux for both client and server app state and game state management
      • React-redux to maintain data flow and bind react components with redux store
      • Express to manage HTTP requests
      • Sequelize to write SQL in Javascript fashion
      • PostgreSQL to manage relational data
      • Material UI for design

    Team Members: Nida Jabbar, Allison Geismar, Cara Takemoto, Katie Guest

    Campus: Grace Hopper


    Uncensored chat forum hosted on Ethereum

    Many people around the world do not enjoy the same freedoms we do and live in constant fear that prevents them from speaking freely and sharing resources. DappChat is a real-time messaging app hosted on the Ethereum blockchain that makes it possible for users to communicate without permission or restriction. This app allows people to share information, organize, and educate themselves without any fear of retaliation.

    Built with:

    • React
    • Drizzle
    • web3
    • Solidity
    • Ethereum blockchain

    Team Members: Alexander Mok, Thomas Luo, Tristan Watanabe, Michael Ng

    Program: Fullstack NYC


    Visualize climate change through time with maps and charts

    We all know climate change is a hot-button issue, but it can be hard to actually imagine what it looks like. VisualClimate does just what its name implies, demonstrating climate changes on a map to illustrate temperature, CO2, and drought levels across a century of national climate data. The app also allows you to explore job opportunities related to climate change.


    • React Mapbox GL and React to track temperature changes over time in color
    • D3 supports the map with traditional chart visualization
    • Climate data is pulled from the National Centers for Environmental Protection and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    • Firebase to store data
    • Job-related information is received from the Indeed Jobs API
    • “Create React App” serves as the scaffold for our entire application.

    Team Members: Xavier Olivares, Dan Tracy, Ruslan Zyabbarov, Alyona Rodina

    Program: Fullstack NYC

    Beaten Path

    Explore a city by following curated walking routes

    Looking to explore a new city on foot, but not sure where to start? BeatenPath will show you fun ways to spend the day and allow you to choose from curated walking paths, which are called journeys. When you log in, you can choose from an array of journeys to discover the local hot spots around you—or create your own.

    Built with:

    • React
    • Material-UI
    • Google Maps API
    • React Context
    • React Hooks
    • PostgreSQL

    Team Members: Alex Barber, Manisha Balakumar, Michelle Kiss

    Program: Fullstack Chicago


    An interactive, tab based productivity platform

    Raise your hand if you’re guilty of opening wayyyyy too many tabs. 🙋🏻 If one glance at your web browser leaves you overwhelmed, turn to Nak. The app will allow you to manage the tabs you have open, create collections of tabs, and share resources with other Nak users.


    • Chrome API
    • On the backend:
      • node.js
      • Sequelize/postgreSQL
      • Express
    • On the front end:
      • React with the React Drag and Drop framework
      • Redux to create a responsive user experience

    Team Members: Robert Adams, Cristian Martinez, Eric Kreiter, Nikita Girko

    Program: Fullstack NYC

    Polly Pocket

    Save articles and track your reading progress

    The vast amount of info out there these days is, in general, a good thing—but it can be a beast to manage all of the articles and sites you’re interested in reading. Polly Pocket aims to organize your queue and encourage you to read more by providing a handy online and offline reading experience. With the app, you can save content to your personal library and use a progress tracker to see how much headway you’re making.

    Built with:

    • JSDOM to scrape article content and styling
    • React
    • Node
    • PostgreSQL
    • Cloudant
    • PouchDB

    Team Members: Amaris Chang, Asia Gagnon, Natasha Kelly

    Campus: Grace Hopper

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