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Agamari is inspired by Katamari Damacy and This is an online multiplayer game where players compete to roll up the largest ball on a small planet. Along the way they might roll up each other, or even the moon if they are big enough.

Agamari is designed to be a simple-to-understand game that relies on intuitive physics for its gameplay mechanics. Players join each game as small Agamars with one purpose for existence: to roll up everything they can on the planet. Agamars are able to only pick up objects smaller than themselves. As more Items are rolled up, this will affect the Agamar's mass and shape, bringing challenges and strategy to picking up new objects and other Agamars.

Agamari is built on Node.js using Socket.IO for client-server interaction, Three.js for 3D graphics rendering, Cannon.js for the physics engine, React for HTML rendering, and Redux for both client and server app state and game state management.

Project Members: Tom Schuster, Kenty Wang, Sandesh Pathak, Andrew McGovern

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