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People learn programming best when they are able to manipulate and run code themselves. There's currently no easy way for coding students to do this with the code they see during live lectures or video recordings.

CodeCast is an interactive screencasting application for programming instructors and students. Teachers can initiate coding sessions to livestream a working REPL, and users can play back any previous session at their convenience. At any point during a live or recorded lecture, students can fork the displayed text, allowing them to modify, run, and save their own variations on the instructor's code.

"Experience the craft of code."


* Login with Google or Github

* Syntax highlighting

* Audio playback for recorded lectures

* Users can submit comments seen by all lecture attendees

* Instructors can selectively allow students to edit the broadcasted code editor

* Student dashboard lists all available sessions, recordings, and saved forks

Project Members: Nirmohi Devasthale Xavier Durand-Smet Isaac Ratner Kelsey Roberts