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Blog: Coding Bootcamp FAQs

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Coding Bootcamp FAQs

The More You Know: 4 Common Misconceptions about Coding Bootcamp

Coding bootcamps are becoming more well-known as the demand for tech candidates remains constant and people look to move quickly into the industry — yet we’re still painfully aware of the common misconceptions floating around out there about us. Here are a handful of the ones we hear most frequently at Fullstack Academy and the Grace Hopper Program, as well as the counterpoints to clear them up.
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How Fullstack Works

How is the Grace Hopper Program Different from Fullstack Academy?

As our Grace Hopper Program continues to gain recognition, we get asked a lot: What differentiates Grace Hopper from Fullstack Academy? While there are little to no differences in quality or hiring outcomes for grads of both programs, there are some key areas in which Grace Hopper is unique.
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Learn to Code

What is Coding? Part II: Life as a Programmer

We've discussed what coding is, so next we'll look at what it is like to be a professional programmer. It’s a career built on creativity, communication, persistence, and planning.
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Learn to Code

What is Coding? Part I: Understanding the Basics

If you want to learn any programming language, understanding basic programming concepts is essential. We try to answer "what is coding?"
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Job & Career Advice

Is the NY Tech Job Market Oversaturated?

As coding bootcamps become more ubiquitous, it’s easy to think the need for developers is shrinking, and markets are becoming oversaturated with newly graduated junior engineers. But is that really the case, or is the demand for developers continuing to grow? We answer these questions today.
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Job & Career Advice

You Asked, We Answered: Is It Harder Out There for Older Developers?

Coding bootcamp is a hefty commitment at any phase of life, but mid-career aspiring programmers have unique concerns about their futures after coding bootcamp. Two of our Career Success counselors answer the most commonly asked questions in this post.
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