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    The Coding Bootcamp that Got Me Into Google

    By Brad Hess

    The Coding Bootcamp that Got Me Into Google

    We're always amazed by what Fullstack alums are accomplishing post-graduation.

    Whether it's founding a startup, leveling up in a current job, or starting a career at a top tech company, seeing our students succeed is a big part of what drives the Fullstack team every day.

    One such personal journey is that of Clément Mihailescu, a 2016 graduate of the Fullstack New York program.

    Clement graduated from Penn with a degree in Mathematics and took the jump to Fullstack later that year to learn to code. It was at Fullstack that he got into algorithms and ultimately landed a job at Google after graduation.

    To land that job, he had to pass an intense coding interview. The pain points that he experienced throughout his interview preparation led him to eventually co-found AlgoExpert, a coding workspace with helpful in-depth video explanations (pro-tip: become a Fullstack student and you'll get free access to AlgoExpert!).

    So not only did he land a top tech job, he also co-founded his own company. These days, he has a growing YouTube channel, and was kind enough to invite our co-founders, David Yang and Nimit Maru, to sit down for a chat.

    In the video, David and Nimit go deep on the history of Fullstack—including how they met their freshman year of college and the process of founding Fullstack—as well as discussing the early years of coding bootcamps, and what big tech companies like Google think of coding bootcamp grads. Whether you're a coding bootcamp grad or a hopeful student, check out the video at the top of the post for some helpful tips.

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