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    Types of Data Analytics Certifications

    By The Fullstack Academy Team

    A data analyst presents results in a meeting using a whiteboard.

    Types of Data Analytics Certifications

    Data is gathered and created by companies of all sizes. In marketing research studies, user feedback, logistics, and customer account information are all key data points that help businesses adapt, evolve, and survive.

    Companies hire analysts with specific data analytics certifications to collect, organize, and analyze that data to improve their business decisions. These skills make data analysts highly desirable by companies looking to capitalize on available data.

    Without data analysts to parse the incoming data, companies would struggle to know how to use information. Given how pivotal data has become to business growth, it’s no surprise that analysts are in high demand. There were over 113,7000 new job listings for data analysts in the past year, and jobs are projected to grow 12.3% between 2022 and 2032, according to data from Lightcast™.

    Individuals seeking an edge in this competitive work environment should consider acquiring data analytics certifications. Combining a certification with a data analytics bootcamp can help individuals get a foothold in this promising career.

    Why Data Analytics Certifications Are Important

    Similar to many professions that work with data, such as data scientists, data analysts compile data using various software tools to present that data in a way that’s easy to visualize and understand. Employers need data analysts who have a deep comprehension of fundamental concepts and the ability to apply their knowledge to real-world challenges. While analysts who are exclusively self-taught may understand how to organize a dataset, a relevant certification proves that an individual has verified skills employers know will be necessary for the job.

    In some cases, certification can carry as much or more weight than a degree, because it shows a proven understanding of a specific skill set. Those looking to increase their salary should also consider data analytics certifications, as results from a 2021 Pearson VUE study found that 28% of certification recipients received a pay increase that year, with 77% of recipients receiving a pay increase within six months.

    Considering a career in data analytics?

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    Six Data Analytics Certifications

    Not all data analytics certifications are equal; they vary in focus, requirements, skills, and how each relates to specific roles in the tech industry. An examination of some popular certifications can help individuals decide which fits their needs and which are better suited for beginners or more advanced analysts.

    1. AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty

    Amazon Web Services (AWS) Data Analytics – Specialty is an advanced certification encompassing the design, development, security, and upkeep of analytics systems. While a portion of the certification tests general data analytics skills, the primary focus is on assessing specialized knowledge of AWS services that allow, improve, and expand data analytics capabilities. This certification is best for those seeking a data analyst role, specifically one using AWS.

    An analyst with AWS Data Analytics – Specialty certification understands data analysis methodologies and procedures and which AWS product or service is most suited for specific challenges. Because of the complex aspects covered by the exam, participants should have at least two years of hands-on experience working with AWS services to develop, construct, secure, and manage analytics systems, as well as five years of familiarity with standard data analytics technologies.

    2. Tableau Desktop Specialist

    Tableau Desktop Specialist certification focuses on Tableau’s functionality and product comprehension. Tableau offers a number of services including merging data from various sources into a single analytic data set and providing real-time data analysis to update these data sets as quickly as new data comes in. Earning this certification shows that an individual can turn complex data into a straightforward and easily understood visual that efficiently communicates data analysis insights to businesses.

    Tableau Desktop Specialist certification is fairly beginner friendly and takes just three months to prepare for. Unlike some certifications that require regular renewal, the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification never has to be retaken and never expires.

    3. Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate

    Microsoft Certified: Power BI Data Analyst Associate certification indicates proficiency with Microsoft Power BI, an interactive data visualization program for corporate analytics and intelligence. The certification is best suited to those with advanced analytic skills.

    This data analytics certification showcases knowledge of data libraries as well as data processes, both on-site as well as in cloud storage. It also indicates proven skills in creating scalable data models and visualizations that give meaning to that data for businesses.

    4. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

    The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate is beginner friendly and prepares students for entry-level data analyst roles. Learners get a working knowledge of Python, SQL, Microsoft Excel, and IBM Cognos Analytics, among other tools, over roughly 11 months. The certification is ideal for people who want to get their feet wet in learning more complex data analytics and data management technologies.

    5. SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional

    The SAS Certified Advanced Analytics Professional certification is for data analysts who want to enhance their predictive and statistical modeling skills. Those seeking this data analytics certification will need to have prior knowledge of SAS programming, making this an advanced certification. The certification takes around three months to complete and certifies the holder’s expertise in modeling and programming for commercial applications.

    6. Certified Analytics Professional

    The Certified Analytics Professional (CAP) certification is an entry-level analytics certification that validates mastery of the analytics process even if the applicant doesn’t have prior knowledge. The exam covers seven areas of the analytics process:

    • Business issue framing

    • Analytics problem framing

    • Data

    • Method selection

    • Model creation

    • Deployment

    • Life cycle management

    This can be an excellent choice for students interested in working in machine learning, statistical programming, or similar subjects.

    Benefits of a Data Analytics Bootcamp

    Data analytics certifications showcase an individual’s proficiency to potential employers. However, it can be difficult for those who want to enter the field to know how to start learning data analytics tools and systems. Bootcamps are designed to jumpstart one’s journey into specific subjects by gaining skills through an accelerated program.

    In a data analytics bootcamp, students can learn about many of the core concepts regularly used by professionals in the industry, such as programming languages, data collection methodologies, and how to create data visualizations. Many bootcamps also prepare students for certain certification exams. By mastering these fundamentals and obtaining certifications, individuals open themselves up to opportunities to advance in their chosen field.

    Considering a career in data analytics?

    Learn more about our full-time and part-time data analytics bootcamps.

    Advance Your Skills in Data Analytics

    Given projected growth in data analytics, investing in the knowledge and skills to take advantage of that growth is well worth it. Achieving data analytics certifications is a proven way to show your expertise to potential employers. An excellent method of preparing for those certifications is with Fullstack Academy’s online Data Analytics Bootcamp.

    Fullstack Academy not only helps students learn the foundations of data analytics but also prepares them for the AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty and Tableau Desktop Specialist certification exams. Learn more about how Fullstack Academy’s Data Analytics Bootcamp can train you for your future career.

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