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Fullstack Coding Bootcamp Project Highlights (February 2017)

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Did you miss the livestream of Fullstack Academy's Demo Day? Don't worry! We've got all the highlights here,

Watch the entire replay here, or skip ahead to watch clips of each presentation.


First up is team Code Huddle, who built a pair programming tool for technical coding interviews:

Team Transcend VR built a virtual reality classroom that works in the Google Daydream headset (and in desktop browsers):

Team BiteSwipe built "Tinder for Restaurants:


Andrew Garcia demos his fitness tracking app 10,000 Feet, which is powered by JavaScript, Node.JS and Arduino:

Rachel Bird demos her app "Working Women Advocates."

Mark Hario built a 3D version of the classic game "game of life."


Every student at Fullstack Academy gives a "tech talk" about something they find interesting. Then students vote for the top 3 presentations from their cohort. Each winner is invited to give their tech talk again, but this time live on stage at Demo Day.

First up, Joey Darbyshire shares some experiences working as a developer on VR projects:

Sean McBride hacks Node.JS onto an "old school" IBM mainframe, and provides a few laughs along the way. Hard hat required!

Surabhi Nigam explains what "web workers" are, and shows how they can improve the UX for web pages:

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