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Doodlee (Online version of Scrawl)

Doodlee is a fun multiplayer 'telephone game meets pictionary' game app that allows players to take turns drawing and guessing.

Players start by drawing a picture of their choice on an HTML5 Canvas element. The drawing gets passed to the next player in the rotation who has to type out a guess of what it represents. This guess gets passed to the next player who has to draw out the guess. This continues until the drawing or guess has been passed to every player in the group. For example, for a 4 player group, this rotation would look like: original drawing > guess > another drawing > final guess.

The app uses Firebase's real-time database service to store game and player related data, which is also held on certain React component's state. Data is updated as drawings and guesses get submitted and due to the listeners attached, player's screens are also simultaneously re-rendered with a new drawing or guess.

Try out the game through this github repo:

Project Members: Niharika Narain

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