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entwine: create interactive stories

Entwine is a publishing platform and content management system for the modern web.

Inspired by recent award-winning projects like Bloomberg’s “What Is Code?” and the Huffington Post’s “America’s Most Admired Lawbreaker”, Entwine allows content creators to easily add interactivity and rich multimedia to their stories. Our smart text editor leverages natural language processing to parse a creator’s story and recommend a set of add-ons. The editor then generates fully-featured interactive maps, references for specific characters and high-quality header images.

Entwine is an ongoing project. Future development efforts will expand the range of supported modules to include charts, links to related content and social media discussion. Check out our code on Github (, or head to to create a story of your own.

Project Members: Emily Tseng, Dean Guo, Natasha Desai, Jacob Kayen

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