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EVOX is a three dimensional life simulator game.

Inspired by models of cellular automata (like Conway's "Game of Life"), EVOX allows users to create and customize fully rendered environments. These environments are richly inhabited with dynamic, intelligent life-forms that develop, procreate, and die over time.

While most simulation games lock users into an objective-driven narrative, our game focuses on customization, personal expression, and AI-driven emergent behaviors.

With EVOX, users are able to create and customize unique grassland, desert, or snowy landscapes, with unique terrain and foliage. Users can either edit or build from scratch, a personalized creature with editable life stats. Lastly, users place their creature into the environment they have created and nurture it as it interacts and develops alongside other AI-controlled entities.

Project Members: Justin Kim Richard Michels Peter Steele Yves Yuen

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