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Jeff Gore showcases a data visualization project which uses real-time aircraft in-flight location data to create a dynamic altitude-distance graph.

Fleetrack is a visualization of real-time flight data for a handful of major carriers (i.e. fleet tracking) on an scalable vector altitude/distance graph using the D3.js visualization library.

The app uses an Express backend which queries a real-time flight API every five seconds and joins resulting geospatial data with a static world airport location file to calculate journey completion. The employs D3 transitions to simulate real-time movement of aircraft towards their destinations.

As demonstrated in the video, the "cool factor" of this app is using the D3 zoom functionality to get really close to a cluster of planes and note how they are moving incrementally, since their x and y position is bound to the data that is being updated constantly.

Try it out for yourself here:

View the GitHub repo here:

Project Members: Jeff Gore