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    Fullstack Academy Web Development Bootcamps Offer New Pathways for Coding Beginners

    By Laura Lewis

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    Fullstack Academy’s mission to transform lives and power the future through tech goes hand-in-hand with increasing access to high-quality tech education. Our immersive, live online bootcamps across Fullstack Academy and the Grace Hopper Program are inclusively designed to serve students of varying educational and professional backgrounds, learning styles, and career goals.

    Today, we aim to offer pathways into tech to support all prospective students, including beginners! That’s why we’re introducing the Fullstack Academy and Grace Hopper Program Web Development Immersives: live online bootcamps designed to accommodate learners who are new to coding.

    Now, students of all experience levels can complete their coding education and launch a fulfilling career as a web developer with Fullstack Academy.

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    Coding Curriculum

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    How It Works

    The learning objectives of our Grace Hopper Program and Fullstack Academy Web Development Bootcamps are built around the same, award-winning curriculum as our flagship Software Engineering Immersive for intermediate coders. We’ve differentiated the programs with initial pathways distinct to each: the Full-Time Foundations course for beginner coders, and the self-led Foundations course for intermediate coders.

    1. The live online, instructor-facilitated Full-Time Foundations course serves as the first phase of our new, beginner-friendly Web Development Bootcamps. Designed to help you rapidly ramp up your skills ahead of the core curriculum, you’ll study full-time (Monday-Friday) in a bootcamp environment for 6 weeks.

    2. The self-paced, online Foundations course serves as the first phase of our flagship Fullstack Academy Software Engineering Bootcamp for intermediate coders. You’ll learn through videos, workshops, and digital exercises for 15-30 hours per week over 4 weeks—with access to a discussion forum and mentor guidance throughout.

    Not sure if your current coding skills are at a beginner or intermediate level? You can quantify your coding knowledge with a risk-free assessment to help you determine which online coding bootcamp is right for you.

    How to Choose Your Online Coding Bootcamp

    • Complete your application. Be sure to accurately represent your personal information and demonstrate your readiness for bootcamp learning.

    • Take the no-risk, no-cost assessment. This is a timed evaluation designed to help us quantify your coding skills.

    • Evaluate your choices. Based on your assessment results and other admissions factors, we'll contact you to recommend either the Fullstack Academy Software Engineering Immersive, the Beginner Web Development Immersive, or the Grace Hopper Program Web Development Immersive.

    • Find the best fit! Use your results along with the information above to determine the best coding bootcamp for you. If you’re still unsure, schedule a call with your Student Advisor to talk it over.

    Make Your Move.

    Take the first step in your journey by submitting an application to one of Fullstack Academy's immersive bootcamps.

    Why Now?

    Fullstack Academy’s core coding curriculum across all programs begins at the intermediate level. That means that prospective students must obtain a working knowledge of JavaScript coding concepts to be successful in the Junior and Senior phases of all our coding bootcamps.

    The core curriculum begins at the intermediate phase of a coder’s journey because it allows us to teach a wide range of advanced concepts at a heightened pace. This, in turn, enables our students to graduate job-ready–complete with in-demand skills, a comprehensive portfolio, and tech-centric professional career coaching support.

    For these reasons, we’re not making any changes to our top-rated, rigorous core curriculum–either for Fullstack Academy or Grace Hopper Program coding bootcamps. Rather, the new Beginner Web Development Bootcamp with Full-Time Foundations joins our tech training portfolio to better serve coders of all experience levels–and empower the next generation of software engineers to see themselves in tech.

    Start your coding journey today as a beginner coder.

    Level-up your programming skills as an intermediate coder.

    Explore the Grace Hopper Program for women and nonbinary students.