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Fullstack Teams Win Every Award at the 2014 NY Times Hack Day

Students coding

Fullstack continued its long tradition of winning hackathons by recently taking every award at the 2014 NY Times Hack Day. We love hackathons here at FSA - Besides being fun, they’re an awesome opportunity to add a project to a student’s coding portfolio, learn a lot in a short time, and possibly add an award to your resume (if you can win!).

The TimesOpen Hack Day was a perfect challenge for FSA students… Timed right at the end of our semester, students were able to put their new, in-depth development knowledge to the test. The New York Times also has a great data heavy API, which was a perfect fit for flexing their JavaScript skills and leveraging the new data visualization module added to Fullstack’s curriculum; D3.js.

Congratulations to all the Fullstackers who took home awards. Here’s a quick review of the winning teams and their projects:

The Winning Submissions


Award Won: Best in Show

Team Members: Justin Sung and Chuck Pierce

Description: A chrome extension that searches for New York Times articles similar to the one being read and opens a new tab of stories with opposing views on the same topic.

Technologies Used: NYT Article Search API, Alchemy API, Chrome Extension Dev tools, Express, Node.js

The Know York Times Quiz

Award Won: Best Use of a New York Times API

Team Members: Benjamin Conant, Hugo Marcotte, Faisal Nawaz and Griffin Telljohann

Description: A web application that automatically generates quizzes based on New York Times articles.

Technologies Used: NYT Article Search API, Node.js, AngularJS, Express, MongoDB

Georgie St. Claire

Award Won: People’s Choice (Tied)

Team Members: Lindsay Levine and Sam McCord

Description: A Twitter bot newsreader and entertainment experience. Georgie St. Claire reduces relevant news to its core components, and condenses it.

Technologies Used: Twitter API, New York Times API, Chrome Speech Synthesis, Markov Chaining, Node.js, AngularJS, Express


Award Won: People’s Choice (Tied)

Team Members: Nathan Epstein, Jeffrey Klaus, Gabriel Lebec, Christian Sakai and Oddur Sigurdsson

Description: An interactive data visualization tool that turns data sets in beautiful visualizations. Also integrated with an Oculus Rift to show code and graphs in 3-D space.

Technologies Used: D3.js, D3xter.js, Node.js, AngularJS, Express, MongoDB

Final Thoughts

We’re extremely proud of all the students who participated in this hackathon. Everyone walked away with another project on their coding resume and awesome experience developing with Fullstack JS. And just as important… They earned awards and glory!