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    How Fullstack Academy Helped This Alum Follow His Childhood Passion

    By The Fullstack Academy Team

    Testimonial Header Jeramy Hrobowski

    Since he was a kid, Jeramy Hrobowski has always been drawn to tech. His favorite childhood pastime was taking apart computers to see how they worked. Despite some devices not coming back to life, Hrobowksi’s childhood interests laid the foundation for a lifelong passion for tech.

    Outside of some technical certificates and working a few Service Desk and Desktop Engineering roles, his professional background was in mergers and acquisitions. However, that was all about to change once he enrolled in the Fullstack Academy Cybersecurity Bootcamp.

    Hrobowksi’s goal for bootcamp was simple: Learn about all things cybersecurity and land a role in Information Security. Through hands-on learning experiences, career simulations, and group projects, he was able to gain the in-demand skills today’s employers are looking for and a new network of friends.

    “My bootcamp experience was very engaging, hands-on, and well put together,” Hrobowski explained. “It had a nice flow and balance of fundamentals, red teaming, blue team, purple team, and everything in between. Aside from the amazing staff, I’ve created lifelong friendships with some members of my cohort, and we still keep in touch even now.”

    As with any career transition, Hrobowski ran into challenges and struggled with some of the material. However, he made it through bootcamp with the support of his peers and instructors.

    “When I began spinning my wheels, I received so much support from my amazing peers and, of course, the staff,” recalled Hrobowski. “They held after-hours sessions to provide extra care to make sure we got the support we needed to fully grasp any concept.”

    During bootcamp, Hrobowski also worked closely with his Career Success Coach, who helped him prepare for interviews and provided helpful tips to guide him throughout his job search.

    “I absolutely could not have done this without the help of Kim Pomfret, Fullstack Academy’s Career Success Manager,” Hrobowski said. “Whenever I had an interview or needed feedback on how to prepare myself for the next steps, she always found a way to make herself available and pencil me into her packed schedule. Whether it be a mock interview to get the jitters out or otherwise, she was always there to provide valuable tips and any insight before my big day.”

    With Pomfret’s help, Hrobowski landed a role as an Information Security Specialist with a managed service provider. In his role, he provides IT consulting and cybersecurity services to a variety of clients, where he is constantly met with new challenges that keep him engaged.

    Like most career changers, Hrobwoski faced his fair share of self-doubt throughout his cybersecurity journey, but it never derailed him from achieving his goals. He encourages others interested in pursuing a career in tech to believe in themselves and make the leap.

    “It was very hard to have confidence in myself, thinking I didn't know enough, and that’s when the self-doubt began to creep in,” advised Hrobowski. “My advice would be to try your best to think positively and believe in yourself and your abilities. While you may not be an expert, remember the best of the best also had to start somewhere. “

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