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Blog: How Grace Hopper Program Works

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How Fullstack Works

Why Students Stay On After Coding Bootcamp as Teaching Fellows—And How That Benefits You

Wondering what teaching fellowships are all about? Read on to find out why grads choose to extend their time at Fullstack Academy, and how that can help you as a new coding bootcamp student.
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Women Pair Programming
How Fullstack Works

How is the Grace Hopper Program Different from Fullstack Academy?

As our Grace Hopper Program continues to gain recognition, we get asked a lot: What differentiates Grace Hopper from Fullstack Academy? While there are little to no differences in quality or hiring outcomes for grads of both programs, there are some key areas in which Grace Hopper is unique.
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Women in Tech

Making Women the Smartest Coders in the Room

Coding bootcamps like Grace Hopper Program can help women become the smartest coders in the room. Read one alum’s story to see if her path is right for you.
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Job & Career Advice

Want to Build a Better Product, Team, and Company? Cultivate Empathy First.

Meg Duffy, Program Manager of the Grace Hopper Program, explains why empathy is good for your company, your product, and your team.
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How Fullstack Works

Yes, Fullstack Academy's Hiring Outcomes Are Really That Good

97%, 98%, 95% — The top coding bootcamps in the country claim to have remarkable hiring results, but some question if these outcomes are really possible. Our Director of Admissions recently detailed why Fullstack (and other top schools) stand by their hiring outcomes.
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How Fullstack Works

Is the Programming Language Taught at a Coding Bootcamp Important?

Some immersive coding schools teach Ruby on Rails, while some teach fullstack JavaScript. The distinction is important for both your education and career development.
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Accessible Tech Education for Women+ Students.

Explore the Grace Hopper Program at Fullstack Academy, an immersive software engineering course for women+ students

Make Your Move.

Take the first step in your journey by submitting an application to one of Fullstack Academy's immersive bootcamps.