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In-Tone is an app that helps people learn tonal languages.

In languages like Thai, Mandarin, and Vietnamese, pitch is tied to a word's meaning. The same syllable spoken in different tones could mean two totally different things -- for example, in Thai, 'ma' spoken in a high tone means 'horse', and in a rising tone, it means 'dog'. For people unfamiliar with tonal languages, it can be very difficult to hear the difference.

In-Tone is there to help you discern the difference between pitches and learn to pronounce them correctly. In our app, users listen to audio of a word being spoken by a native speaker, and record and playback their own attempts. In-Tone then graphs the user's pitch contour against the native speaker's, helping the user see and learn what they at first can't hear.

Project Members: Pimpila Howe, Edmond Kotwick, Mike Luz, Marc Molta