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VNDR (pronounced Vendor) is the first steps towards implementing a friendly distributed Payment Processor like payPal using distributed technologies such as IPFS and Blockchain.
While not feature complete, the concept behind VNDR is to serve application code to the user via IPFS. When users run the code it instantiates an IPFS node in browser and connects to a VNDR specific contract on the ethereum blockchain.
The VCNR ethereum contract is written in solidity and serves to register new "vendor" instances. The Ethereum network takes care of handling secure payments which reduces the security concerns necessary for the front end, while the IPFS network severs to distribute code.
When creating a new "vendor" users can then create and manage products. For this hackathon implementation of this functionality is demonstrated via the "create store" and "create product" functionality. Post-hackathon I intend to continue working on the core-concepts of "global state" with distributed technologies as well as factoring and completing the VNDR core implementation.

Application State storage on IPFS:

Project Members: Dennison Bertram

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