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    Lunar Adventure

    Lunar Adventure is an exciting twist on the classic game, lunar lander. Lunar Adventure can be played in either single player mode or cooperative mode.

    In single player, you must navigate around the terrain while avoiding asteroids and land on the landing pad in the shortest possible time. After colliding with the asteroids twice, one of your keys will change! If you land fast enough, you will get the opportunity to add your name to our leaderboard of high scores! In cooperative mode, the objective is the same, but one player controls thrust while the other controls rotation.

    The game was created using, Node, Express, Postgres, Illustrator, and Photoshop. Most of the challenges came from learning Phaser and best practices for building a game. One of these best practices was proper screen scaling which led to our game being mobile accessible.

    We hope you enjoy our game!

    Project Members: Brandon Culp, Jordan Lysenko, Katy Ma, Jisoo Ryu