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    MIxit3D is an innovating 3D digital audio workstation that allows users to create their own track with predefined sounds inside an amazing 3D environment.

    Andres Santos & Augusto Proano created MixIt3D. A React App developed in Javascript using a 3D rendering library called three.js, also incorporating tools like threex.domevents.js, to attach event listeners to the instruments like on click, double-click and mouseover using primitives in the same position as the instruments and OBJLoader.js to load and render 3D obj files. For synchronicity, all sounds are played starting from the first click event, but all of them are muted by default which means that every click just mutes or unmute the sound. A perspective camera was added and follows the mouse but it is always looking at the stage, and an orbit camera was added to the scene for zoom in and zoom out. Three.js sprite method was used for the blue stars that are flying around the scene and also a sound bar visualizer as stage background attached to the piano to keep track of the music. Really fun to make!

    Feeling Inspired and want to play with Mixit3D? Check it out on

    Project Members: Andres Santos, Augusto Proano