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PomoPal was built using a variety of technologies: the core being JavaScript and React, with a Redux store organizing state. The app utilizes Microsoft Azure's Cognitive Services "Face" artificial intelligence API. Without any formal backend, image/analysis data is never actually stored by the app, so users can be confident of their privacy when using PomoPal.

The code is written so as to capture an image of the user over a set interval (say every 2 minutes), then grab that image data and post it to the Azure API as a blob. Microsoft then returns analysis data of that image, which is fed into a series of custom algorithms to monitor changes versus that user's previous images/analyses. Three consecutive increases in an "anger" score greater than 50% in magnitude, for example, would trigger a pop-up indicating the user should take a 5-minute break. Currently the app is built to monitor the user's smile, anger score, and contempt score.

Project Members: Dave Trabka

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