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Run Wolf Run

Run Wolf Run was created by Marko Lisonek using React-Native and three.js. Every sprite/image in this game has an invisible box surrounding it that was created using three.js. As you tap the screen, your job as a player is to make sure your hero's "box" does not intersect with the "box" of the pipe sprite or the bullet bill sprite.

If you successfully jump over a pipe, your score will incremented by two points, and the speed of the game will increase a little bit. If your hero's "box" touches a pipe or bullet bill, a function will be run in the code of the game setting gam to be over.

This game is insanely hard, and if you'd like to try it yourself visit

My personal high score is 46, so let me know if you beat me!

Project Members: Marko Lisonek

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