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We often heard terrible news about kids getting lost on their way home. It is not uncommon that people with Alzheimer's disease may leave home hours without being noticed and put themselves in danger. We will never want such things happen to our family or friends! SAFE ZONE is here to help! It sends notifications to you the minute your loved ones step outside of their safe zone.
SAFE ZONE is inspired by Jing's dad who has Alzheimer's disease. She developed this web service using React, Redux on the front end, and Node, Express, Sequelize, PostgreSQL on the back end. It also consists a mobile app implemented using React Native, react-native-maps and Geolocation API. With the mobile app installed on the target cell phone, a logged-in user can create requests with time and location specified as a safe zone for the target cell phone. If the target cell phone leaves its safe zone, the user will get immediate notifications.

Project Members: Jing Lu

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