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    SimpleQL enables users to visualize the database schema, download the sql script for their database schema, and upload and visualize the data. SimpleQL uses Amazon RDS to create user databases. User can create tables, rename tables or fields, create associations and drop tables. User can use the same database for production application through API endpoints.

    SimpleQL guards against SQL injections by cleaning the user inputs for any malicious query.
    User query in validated before making a request to Amazon RDS. SimpleQL provides api endpoints for developers to interact with their database. SimpleQL provides devID and api key for the user through the web interface. User can make requests to SimpleQL by hashing the api key with current time. SimpleQL verifies the user hashed key by finding the api key through dev ID and hashing it.

    Project Members: Vinaya M S, Monica Choe, Kelaiya Parikh, Brenda Sukh