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Introducing Summer of Code: An Immersive Coding Education Program for College Students

By The Fullstack Academy Team

Fullstack Academy Summer of Code

We’re excited to announce a new immersive program at Fullstack Academy, Summer of Code. Summer of Code is a version of Fullstack Academy’s flagship full-time immersive course, modified and expanded for college students. The course is an 11.5 week immersive education program that will cover the same coding curriculum as our normal immersive, on an accelerated timeline.

Today’s job market is competitive, particularly for fresh college graduates. Most students graduate without learning the practical skills and knowledge sought by hiring companies. Even technical majors like computer science and engineering don’t learn modern development technologies (how many of you are submitting your homework using Github?)

On the other hand, the demand for software engineers with up-to-date practical knowledge is exploding in all industries. It’s also clear that professionals in related tech roles (like product management, marketing and design) can gain a major competitive advantage by sharpening their technical knowledge and giving themselves the ability to code their ideas to life.

Summer of Code helps students bridge the skills and experience gap they’ll face when applying for jobs. Fullstack’s curriculum is specifically designed around the modern technologies demanded by hiring companies. Diving deep into fullstack web development and JavaScript gives our students a high demand knowledge-set. Building several web/mobile applications during the course gives students the portfolio and experience to back up their expertise.

Summer of Code is Fullstack’s next step in our mission to help fix education and give students who are passionate about programming the skills they need to get the jobs of their dreams.

Note: The admissions process and qualifications for Summer of Code will be the same as for our normal immersive programs. The cohort size is limited and admissions operate on a rolling basis.

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