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Super Kong

Super Kong is a platformer web browser 2D Game, created by using Phaser3 game framework and Javascript. Phaser3 arcade physics system is used to develop this game.
In this game there are basically four levels and on each level the difficulty getting increased, there are some hurdles like fire, barrels that player has to face on those levels. Player has to reach level 4 to kill that Super Kong gorilla and to win the Game.
Phaser framework provides three methods to develop any kind of game which are preload, create and update.
In Preload method all assets are being loaded; assets includes images, sounds and Spritesheet. Now what is Spritesheet? Spritesheet is a collection of different images. and sprites is used sequentially to create the illusion of animation. In this Game there are two spritesheets used, one is for player and another one is for fire and animation is created using frames of those speitesheet.
Create method is executed once when everything is loaded and ready and update method is executed on every frame.
Object Pooling technique is used to create barrels. Using this technique disabling object after usage instead of destroying the object. so here there is an object for barrel and created just once and disabled after certain amount of time and to generate barrel again with the same object.
Json file is used to store all assets of the game, so in future if i want to add more levels or any more hurdles, i can do that just modifying Json file.

Project Members: Megha Patel

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