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We often use multiple, disparate tools when planning a trip. We text, email, and share Google Docs with all of our ideas for places to go and the dates and times we'll arrive and leave -- but all of that back-and-forth gets lost on some cloud. Then we’re stuck manically searching for that one email with that crucial piece of information.

tripHub solves this problem by putting all of that information in one central place.

When a user logs in, they can create a new trip or see existing trips. Each trip’s workspace has a chat, a pin board, and an itinerary. The real-time chat allows users to seamlessly communicate in one place. The integrated chatbot can help the users by setting the location of the trip, providing recommended locations and activities based on the users' queries and adding their choices to the pin board and itinerary. Users can "like" the events on the pin board by clicking the heart button, which other users can then see and instantly gain a sense of which options are most, or least, popular. The itinerary keeps all finalized plans visible and orderly.

Our web app is built with React.js on the front-end and Firestore on the back-end.

Project Members: Annelise Thorsen, April Rueb, Caryn McCarthy, Ella Pitassi

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