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    Who's In?

    Who’s in is an iPhone and Android real-time chat application enhanced with on the fly event creation and consensus tools. The inspiration from this came from applications like WhatsApp, where you have numerous group chats with a dozen or more friends, but find it hard to plan events. By the end of the discussion you might have over a hundred texts with some people saying yes, some maybes, some depends, and by the end of it you don’t even know who’s really attending without scrolling through all those texts. Who’s In allows for custom event creation, with the option to use tools to grab information from Yelp, ShowTimes and Seatgeek, as well as live polling so group members can vote on if they want to attend. Events are saved to the database, and popular events can be reused if a group chooses to do so.

    Project Members: Josh Mazen Silvia Chen David Kim Anup Bhjule