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Why We’re Giving Free Cybersecurity Intro Training

By The Fullstack Academy Team

Cyber onramp

During this period of growing unemployment, we’d like to offer some fact-based hope that there are still companies offering great jobs, and there is a way to skill-up quickly.

One industry still offering high-paying jobs is cybersecurity. According to an April 2020 article in The Wall Street Journal, “Big tech is still hiring; Coronavirus has ravaged the American job market, but tech giants remain on the hunt for cybersecurity experts.”

Despite this good news, we’ve heard students say that cybersecurity can seem a bit mysterious at first. To demystify this growing field, we’ve created a free 25-hour introductory course, Cyber OnRamp: Linux Command Line for Beginners.

This course comes directly from our bootcamp curriculum. We’ve designed it to give students a sense of what working in cybersecurity would be like before they make a larger training investment. Next steps for students could be an immersive program like the Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp or a 4-year degree program.

Why Should You Take This Course?

Because it could actually change your life.

The industry is growing rapidly, and demand for cybersecurity experts is growing twelve-times faster than the current U.S. job market, with a project 3.5M open jobs by 2021.

Wired Headline: Cybersecurity labor crunch to hit 3.5 million unfilled jobs by 2021

And you can get one of these high-paying jobs much sooner than you might think.

From our own perspective as a bootcamp academy, we’ve witnessed that with in-depth training, a student can go from complete cybersecurity beginner to a professional in less than four months. After graduating, students are ready for a starter-level role such as “Cybersecurity Analyst,” which in NYC carries a starting salary of around $85K.

What Will You Learn?

Since the fluent use of the command line is one of the most important skills in a cybersecurity professional’s arsenal, we’ve built our course to teach beginners the basics of this important skill in a user-friendly, online format.

During this course you’ll learn from one of our top cybersecurity instructors, Corey Greenwald, as he guides you through learning the basics of the command line through short, digestible video lectures.

In between lectures, you’ll transition into Fullstack’s CyberLab environment to hone your new technical skills while working through a capture the flag challenge, a special kind of cybersecurity game which gives participants the chance to solve computer security problems through solving puzzles.

Next, through a list of carefully curated resources, you’ll learn some important cybersecurity topics so that you can understand some of the common language, concepts, and tools used in the industry.

Most importantly, after this course you’ll have a clearer sense of the cybersecurity profession so you can decide if it’s the right path for you.

Screenshot of someone learning command line basics

Who Can Take This Course?

Anyone with a reliable internet connection and a computer with at least 8GB of RAM can take our course. It’s a beginner-level course with no prior cybersecurity experience required.

We’re making the course open because we strongly believe that by teaching high-tech education to individuals, we can transform communities and entire economies. Although this program was started in partnership with the City of New York to make cybersecurity training available to New Yorkers, we’ve decided to expand our reach and make our training available to anyone in the United States.

If you’re ready to start learning, set up an account on our Cyber OnRamp course page.

If you’re ready to start a comprehensive course of study that will prepare you for your first job, check out our full-time and part-time bootcamp options. Keep in mind that completing Cyber OnRamp is not a prerequisite for either of our bootcamp programs.